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XP: Should I be concerned?

I am 31 weeks, and it's Sunday so my midwife's office is closed. I don't want to call the on-call if it's nothing. 

Right below my boobs on my right side I keep feeling as if someone has needles and keeps stabbing me with small and big needles. I tried sleeping on the other side, but that just made it spread to the other side as well. I can feel where the baby is and she's nowhere near that area. I can feel her right below that though. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Sometimes it IS very very very sharp, but again it feels like needles stabbing me. 
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Re: XP: Should I be concerned?

  • Probably baby is sitting on a nerve.
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  • I get that feeling all the time in my pelvic area. I think PP is right - your baby is big enough now to make you uncomfortable in ways you wouldn't have thought possible!

    BUT if you get really worried, go ahead and call. That's what they're there for. ;)
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  • Thank you ladies. I am glad to know it's normal. I have my appointment on Tuesday, so I'll bring it up with the midwife. For me it just started yesterday. Very uncomfortable,geez. 
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  • KariB509KariB509
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    Edit: oops totally read this wrong. I thought you said the pain was IN your boobs, not below. Duh.
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