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gluten reaction

so i have celiac disease.  my LO is 16 months old and has been g-free his entire life.  we haven't had any testing done on him (yet), but after some research and soul searching, we decided it was best to not intentionally expose him until he's able to verbally tell us of any symptoms or reactions he may have; our plan was to do a gluten trial around age 3.

on thursday morning, his teachers accidentally gave him a saltine cracker for snack at school.  i watched him like crazy and didn't notice a change in behavior or appetite, saw no rashes appear, and no fever.  he did take an extra long nap thursday afternoon and STTN thursday night, which is unusual for him.  last night, 36 hours after exposure, he woke up violently vomiting.  he had 2 episodes of vomiting last night, slept fitfully, and has been fine since he woke up.  he's been asking to eat, so we've been feeding him g-free foods on the b.r.a.t. diet just in case it's a virus, but he literally has no other symptoms.  does anyone have experience with a slightly delayed reaction to gluten like this?  my symptoms usually onset within an hour of exposure which is why i'm hesitant to say it's definitely the gluten, but i'm also taking it as a sign that we made the right choice is keeping him g-free for now.  just looking for what others have experienced with either themselves or their kiddos, since i know reactions to gluten can present in so many different ways.

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Re: gluten reaction

  • I think you shouldn't panic. I have one son who is Celiac, wheat allergy, nut allergy, asthma and intolerance to a few others we are not strict on and my other son has 0 allergies. Just remember not to actively always look for symptoms. Just because you have it doesn't mean that he will have it.

    My son was diagnosed at 2.5 he was fine most of the time but vomited randomly for 6-8 months.. I mean like 6 times in a row every few weeks or once and be fine. Gluten was his primary diet up until about 20 months when we slowly started seeing issues. They went in and did the endoscope at 2.5 and he had inflammation on all 9 biopsy spots but no damage yet. Everything he was eating was gluten.

    He was having the vomiting after overload sometimes hours later and sometimes days. I don't know how old you baby/boy is but I wouldn't freak out just yet or assume. It could be so so many other things :)
  • My main advice- document this while it's fresh in your mind.  To have that reaction w/in a not huge window - I'd definitely be concerned it could be celiac.  As you've been doing GF anyhow, it shouldn't be hard to keep down that path.  But when he gets to an age where you wnat to test, just keep this present informaiton handy.

    DS has celiac and since his diagnosis, he's been accidentally glutened twice.  Both times - it was almost exactly 3 hours until he actually got sick.
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  • My symptoms are always the next day. Nearly a 18 hour difference. Being tired is a HUGE one for me. BUT it could just be that it was a shock to his system and it was just too much for him. When & if you introduce gluten into his diet I would do it just like you do when babies have something new. VERY SLOW!!! 
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