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meal ideas needed :)

hey everyone - 
just looking for some ideas for my DD who is 11 months old. She has 4 teeth and loves to pick up her own food (most of which usually ends up on the floor). 

any ideas?? TIA!!!

Re: meal ideas needed :)

  • My little guys loves baby meatballs.  I just use ground beef or turkey, baby cereal, and applesauce.  Then I cook them and freeze them for a quick go-to.  He also really likes any cooked vegetable. I usually steam or bake them.  Canned beans are great too!

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  • Meatballs, homemade chic nuggets, homemade chic noodle soup, pasta with touch of butter, steamed veggies. Our dd loves rice, so i add veggies n shredded chic to it as well.
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  • My lo loves anything in the slow cooker (beef roast, pork butt, chicken). It shreds up easily and is soft enough for him to gum. I sometimes add potatoes and frozen vegetables and have lunch made for the whole week.
  • DD is just about 11 months and eats pretty much whatever I eat.  She only has her bottom 2 teeth and her top 2 are coming in now.  I try to make sure there are at least 2 finger foods at dinner since she has so much fun feeding herself.  She loves loves loves noodles of all kinds.  Potatoes, eggs, veggies, baked chicken, meatloaf, spaghetti (this is hilarious!), fruit, etc.  She also eats cottage cheese with help.  For dessert she might pick at some baby cookies or goldfish crackers.  We also share ice cream a couple times a week.  For slippery fruit like bananas try coating them in cheerio or puffs dust.  Works awesome.  

  • At 11 months the possibilities are endless :)  They don't need teeth for much of anything so don't let that worry you.  Do you feed her what you eat?  That's the easiest thing, assuming it's not too spicy or has too much salt. 
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  • Dd is just now 9 months but we have been blw & she eats whatever we eat. Unless its spicy then she gets left overs.
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