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Duola experiences?

Hi ladies, I'm new to this board and I'd like to get some advice regarding duolas. I am attempting a vbac in May. I was reading a few books and it seems most people advise getting a duola. However, when I contacted one, she said that she would be more as a backup support for my husband because we are taking Bradley childbirth classes. I'm not sure if she's worth the $600 if she's not going to be doing much. Do you all recommend a duola? Was she worth the money? How helpful was she?



Re: Duola experiences?

  • Totally worth the money! Mine helped me to have a completely natural, intervention-free delivery, twice!
  • 100% worth it. She will do much more than back up your husband. She will learn all of your wishes for your labor and birth, and then help you to make sure those wishes come true. She will be your biggest cheerleader, your biggest advocate and supporter. It is very very difficult to summarize ALL that a doula can do, but basically she will help you to achieve the best birth experience possible. You will remember your birth for the rest of your life (I'm sure you already know this since it's your second) - a doula will help make sure the memories are all great ones!

    I had a doula with my first birth, and have since become a birth doula myself. I am extremely passionate about childbirth and mother's right to choose how she gives birth. PM me if you have other questions, and I strongly encourage you to ask around - i have yet to find someone who says that a doula was not worth the $$!!!

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