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A phase?

My dd is just over 9 months now. She used to sleep quite well from 7pm-2am, breast feed then down until 6ish. 2 weeks ago things changed. She wakes more frequently and is only comforted with the boob... A while after we successfully got her down to just one night feed. The naps were going ok but now it's the same story...fights sleep until I bf her then she's out. I'm worried I'm going to create a feeding to sleep habit that I'd already got her out of a while back but I figure I need to do what works just now to help her. One of her front top teeth has broken through so I'm sure the other one will appear soon... Could that be the reason ? When she's up and awake she's really a happy little thing. Anyone experienced the same??

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  • There's a wakeful period right around 9 months. It was the worst one we had. It eventually passed and she came out with new skills and growth. I'd google wonder weeks.

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  • We just got through a really bad 2.5wk period that started right around 9 months, thankfully it is a phase and should pass. We're back to one quick wake up a night, and really really early morning wakeup but I'll take that over waking up every hour to 2 hours and feeding constantly! Hang in there!!!

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  • I feel like the first whole year is a phase lol
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  • I feel like the first whole year is a phase lol
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