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Panting Baby

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Does anyone else have a panting baby? DS seems totally happy and healthy (minus a little sneeze here and there) but when he gets excited it seems like he starts to pant which may or may not lead to a small dry cough. It never lasts very long and doesn't seem to bother him aside from coughing but he does it frequently. Is this normal?

ETA: we'll ask the pedi too - I just don't know how to describe it without setting off alarm bells because it has to do with breathing - but it really just seems like he's over exciting himself. Just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something.

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  • Yup DD does this too when she gets excited. Usually in her jumperoo.
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  • Yes.  This is usually accompanied by kicking legs :)
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  • Yep, Haddock pants, but usually I refer to him as a kitten because when we were still nursing and I had thrush it felt like a cat was chewing on my nips. I started calling him patches the cat and it kind of stuck, lol.

    He sometimes pants when he really gets going in his exersaucer.
  • Yep. DD pants all the time. We just call her a puppy. Usually she pants more when she is excited.
  • Yes, after he runs on the walker for a while. I wouldn't worry too much.
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  • Yes, and he was doing this wheezing breathing. I took him to the doctor and everything was fine.
  • I laughed at the boob induced panting. Thanks everyone! One less thing to worry about after a long day and about six inches of snow to shovel before I sleep.
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  • The twins pant prior to feedings, boob or solids. Cracks me up.
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