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menstrual cycle question

My son is almost 11 months old and I've managed to still breastfeed him. I cut down to nursing only in the morning and before bed top use up my massive storage of milk. Due to cutting down, I got my period back a few months ago. Right away, I was back to my pre-pregnancy, predictable cycle - every 4 and a half weeks on the dot. I just finished a cycle, and now 3 days later, I'm apparently starting another one. Waaaay uncharacteristic. Any thoughts on why this would be happening?
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Re: menstrual cycle question

  • I think it's fairly common for things to go back and forth after having a baby and breast feeding. Even though they've been regular your body might still be adjusting.
    Just keep an eye on it, if things seem really off call your Obgyn.

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  • It happens. I've had that happen to me before years ago. Out of the blue! Your hormones are still shifting around.
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  • I'm having this happen to me right now. 1st ppaf was 2/3 after my BF had been interrupted regularly for two weeks. Then I've started bleeding again this past weekend. Not a full period but enough to need a thin pad. I'm like WTF? I'm back on a normal EBF schedule, so maybe thats whats causing the confusion. Glad to hear its normal.
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  • I'm sort of in the same boat, but the other way around. Was getting regular cycles since a few months PP and then when I weaned LO to morning and evening feedings, I stopped getting my period. Haven't had one in just about 2 months (and I'm not prego). I'm pretty sure it's normal for cycles and hormones to go all out of whack when you start weaning.
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