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WoodShopGirl needs help - itchy feet remedies

Sorry to make this its own post, but I can't take it anymore.  I have had extremely itchy feet for over 2 weeks and it is causing me to not be able to sleep and therefore causing me to turn into a (bigger) bitch.

I am 95% sure it is athlete's foot, although I have never had it before.  I have very small blisters in between most of my toes and on the soles of my feet.

My OB and MFM both looked (since I have seen them in this time frame) and neither one are concerned.  They did the test for the late term pregnancy liver complication (can't remember the name) just in case and it was negative.

Here is what I have tried so far:
benadryl ointment
lotrimen ointment (for over a week straight now, twice a day)
dilluted white vinegar soak (15-30 minutes every night for a week straight - this helps but relief is very temporary)

I read online that wiping lemon wedges may help, any thoughts?  Anything else you recommend to help a girl out?  The itching is driving me insane.

Re: WoodShopGirl needs help - itchy feet remedies

  • Maybe you could try a dermatologist? 

    My answer to everything itchy is to slather it in Aquaphor and then take Benadryl to help me sleep. 


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  • No advice but I have the same issue on my arms so I'll be checking back to see if anything works!
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  • calamine lotion? I know it's usually for things like poison ivy or rashes like that, but it may help... if it is athlete's foot, isn't tinactic supposed to help?

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  • Thanks @katykatykaty I don't know why in my mind since I am pregnant all other doctors just seem to be forgotten.  I will give me dermatologist a call today.  I really don't know why I didn't think of that.
  • I had an allergic reaction to meds once that cause me to be itchy beyond belief. The only thing that helped was an ice pack. Don't know if that will help, just a thought.
  • ZYRTEC!! I've got some chronic hives going on this pregnancy, mostly on my feet and hands. My allergist said zyrtec is pretty much the go-to for skin type allergies and it absolutely has worked for me. It was such a relief.  I think its worth trying for any type of skin itch. 

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  • White vinegar? I know my SIL uses apple cider vinegar as a cure-all. She's removed warts & moles with it. I'd soak those puppies in diluted ACV.
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  • Thanks all you great ladies of M14.  Making a list and going to just try each and every one until something works. 
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  • NanaCook said:
    White vinegar? I know my SIL uses apple cider vinegar as a cure-all. She's removed warts & moles with it. I'd soak those puppies in diluted ACV.
    I've tried the white vinegar, but not the apple cider vinegar.  I will give that one a shot.
  • Lurking from A14- try Burt's bee's mama bee foot lotion. The peppermint is strong and may tame the itches!
  • I don't have any direct experience, but that sounds utterly awful! Can you do an Aveeno or oatmeal bath? Like you would for chicken pox?
  • I ended up with a pupp rash, the worst part was itchy feet for me. I tried using Grandpa's pine tar soap, and it seems to have completely knocked out all of my itching. It smells TERRIBLE, but it is soooo worth the relief. The only place that I could find it in stock where I live was GNC. Hope you can get some relief soon. 
  • Look into something that is anti-fungal. May seem strange but I've used Canestan on my SO's athletes foot. Works great and he doesn't know what the cream is really for :). Also check for safety during pregnancy. Tea Tree is a safe anti-fungal but not as fast acting. GL

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    Pee on them! That's what my dad used to say, idk if he was joking or not lol if you try it let me know if it worked!

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    I had athlete's foot earlier during pregnancy and the gold bond powder worked. As did letting feet air dry after showers and changing socks like twice a day.

    Good luck!

    Ps I'm glad it's not the liver thing. A friend of mine had that and she had a not so fun experience, so I'm glad you avoided it:)

    Edit : posted too soon
  • Thanks again ladies.  I called the dermatologist yesterday and she can't see me for 2 weeks, but they gave me some tips for in the meantime.  Pine tar soap was at the top of the list as was apple cider vinegar, so I am going to start with those.

    Oh, and for @Jt7dreamz no bleach!  Both my OB and the dermatologist said it is not as affective (effective?) as vinegar and is bad to be exposed to too much during pregnancy.  They seemed more against the bleach fumes, but didn't like the idea of a direct soak either.
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