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Daughter having surgery....

My 5 1/2 year old (very sensitive!) has to have an umbellical hernia repaired. It should be a same day surgery. However she will be out of school a couple days (scheduled it around a break). To top this her Daddy is deployed so her world is sort of a mess.

That being said: What do I do? Anyone have ideas? I instantly think I should get her something to soothe her but what? I think I am going to get her a hospital gown from Etsy for her American Girl doll... 

Also, anyone have a child who had this surgery? Tips/tricks... what is recovery like? TIA
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Re: Daughter having surgery....

  • Neither of my kids had this surgery, but I have a close friend whose son had it at age 4.  He was uncomfortable, but a few days of TLC and watching videos on the couch did the trick, and he was back to his old self in no time.

    Whenever my kids are sick, I find that getting back to the normal routine AFTER they are recuperated (no more lazing around, no more TLC, no more special attention) is the hardest.

    Hang in there, mama!  A week and this will all be in the past!
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  • We try not to make a big deal about surgeries... My son has been through a few day surgeries and fortunately does not remember his overnight stays!

    My son loves being able to pick out any fast food he wants for dinner/lunch after a procedure. I know that sounds silly but he does not want a new stuffed animal. And usually a movie or tv time at home ; ) especially after anesthesia. But some kids don't want to eat right after.

    One of his surgeries at 4 and a half he was on strict doctors orders for no activity for two weeks... That was difficult, especially with 2 younger and very active brothers at home!
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  • Thanks for the ideas!! We are going to get here a few new gown style pjs and dresses because pants will be hard to wear. I am making her a snuggly blanket and getting her the Elsa doll because she LOVES Frozen! :)

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  • Oh my!!! I am hoping some of the things we have will keep her entertained!!! 
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