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Telling co-workers wife is pregnant

What do you guys normally do? Do you treat them differently in regards to when you tell them? I sent an e-mail with our first when my wife was around 7 months pregnant. Basically, right after a test I had been studying for.

I'm not for sure if I should mention it in our next staff meeting (10 people) or send out a mass e-mail to everyone (probably 20 people). What's standard procedure where you guys work?


Re: Telling co-workers wife is pregnant

  • It depends on the person at our work.  Some have announced only within their work circle others have sent in pictures to HR to post on our screens.

    I have a circle of friends at work that cross boundaries that I may tell.  We have others that never told others except their close friends.

    I work at the Divisional headquarters where we have roughly 300 employees.
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  • we dont have any kind of policy where I work.  I jsut brought a box of cigars and someone found a bottle of Bourbon and we all went out behind the office and told lies for an hour
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  • I told folks has a saw them and posted on Facebook...most folks I know that I don't speak to regularly saw it there and said congrats on FB or when I saw them in person
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  • I just tell my close circle of co-workers.  I work for a huge company and there are probably babies born everyday here.


  • I just announced at our group meeting by saying I was going to be taking some time off.

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    I work in an isolated environment where I am in retail locations away from people who work for the same company.  I've pretty much just told my supervisors when they can expect me to put in a time off request and that I need it to be more or less a fluid situation because the baby could come early (and has in both cases).
  • Good suggestions everyone. I like the idea of saying I need sometime off and then the reason. That gives a little buildup than just blurting it out. Next staff meeting is in a week and a half though. Maybe I'll tell my boss this week (my manager has known for a while) and go from there.
  • Went the e-mail department plus 2 people route. Thanks for the tips.
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