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Second baby- symptoms SO different than the 1st

It is bizarre just how different (so far) symptoms are with this nugget than with my 2.5 yr old. I am nauseous but not nearly as bad this time, but sense of smell is off the charts, I have bad heartburn, I cry at the drop of a hat and am SO cranky. Last time was severe anxiety (panic attacks) and nausea so bad I had to get on medication. Anyone else having such drastically different experiences?

Re: Second baby- symptoms SO different than the 1st

  • So far mine have been pretty similar. I have more tummy troubles this time though.
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  • My last was so much worse.  It's crazy.  I don't want to jinx anything, but I have been so fortunate to only suffer exhaustion and some mild headaches this time.  Last time was nausea, insomnia, achy boobs.  But even last time it wasn't terribly bad.  My heart goes out to any of you that are suffering.  
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  • My first two were very similar and so far this one has been very different. Guess we will see as time goes on.
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  • This pregnancy has definitely been different. Although I am so tired throughout the day, I can still function without a problem. I would fall asleep sitting up, mid conversation, during 1st tri last time. The m/s seems to come and go this time where as last pregnancy it stayed for the longest time. 

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  • yep. my first i had no symptoms that i can recall. this time around, i'm nauseous, dizzy, and itching all over!! oh and i've had diarrhea ... tmi sorry lol
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  • Mine have been so very different well! I'm sure chasing a two year old is making me more exhausted at the end if the day but I'm just wiped!! Also, I was never this nauseous with DD...I was vomiting through 39 weeks but never this nauseous!
  • I had zero symptoms with DD, not even a heightened sense of smell. This time I've been pretty nauseated and so so so exhausted. And my nose is out of control. Why can't things smell good when you have a super sense of smell? Everything to me smells like garbage, including myself. Wtf?
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  • Like night and day! With DS the ms came at 9w and after a couple dry heaves was done, no spotting, was able to stay active the whole pregnancy so I gained minimal weight. This one the ms started the day after bfp 24/7, I've had spotting, and feel like death. I think I've gained 4lbs already because I lack the energy to keep moving and too sick to try.
  • I've been pregnant 8 times and I've always had very mild symptoms, most mild were with my daughter. This time I would say I have similar symptoms to my 4th pregnancy (which D&C results showed was a girl). Still pretty mild, but noticeable nausea here and there & exhaustion.

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  • Very different here. I'm getting afternoon morning sickness, my boobs grew which they didn't with the first, I get nauseous quite often and feel not great after standing for too long. Oh and cravings. Never really had cravings with the first but I'm eating like a teenage boy! Huge meals at night!
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  • Yep completely different. First one no bad symptoms. This time, horrible.
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  • 100% different for me! This time around is kicking my butt for sure!
  • I have had some similarities and some differences. Most notably, with my DS I was in a happy, sunshine, rainbows mood most of the time with the exception of a couple of "crying for no reason" spells. This time I am super-cranky lady, much to DH's dismay. My nausea is worse this time in that it pops up a lot more often throughout the day instead of just mid-morning like last time but the fatigue is plaguing me a bit less so I guess it's a trade-off. Most strange though is that an old runner's injury I suffered in my right foot has re-emerged despite the fact that there is absolutely no running going on. I think it must be ligaments coupled with the fact that I carry my nearly 30-pound son on that side of my body most times.
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  • I wouldn't say mine are drastically different.  I feel much more moody/irratable/emotional, and I'm not feeling as sick.  But it's still really early for me so that could be coming.

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    Mine were like night and day. With DD the only sign I had I was pregnant was sore breasts,other than that I wouldn't have known I was pregnant. With DS I was sick from 5 to 14 weeks, couldn't look at food most days and was a hormonal mess!

    Eta: this time is sort of middle of the road. I'm not sick but I get nauseous some days, and my breasts only hurt for a short time.
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    My DD and DS were both very different and this one is different than those two... It's all very strange how that works :)
  • Itching...someone else said itching whewwww!  I thought I was off my rocker my legs itch so bad.  I noticed that when I MC in July. I don't remember that with my DS.

    Itching, not sick all day, gas pain and I don't remember being this tired last time.



  • My boobs hurt more this time and I'm more emotional (weepy)...I think these are carry overs from just being pregnant and having a child before.

    I'm not as tired (yet, I'm still tired all the time), I joke with DH that I've never recovered from my 1st tri with DD, so that's why I feel like the exhaustion is better this time around, I'm just sued to it.

    Less headaches, but slightly more nauseated than with DD.

    My symptoms with DD were basically gone by 11 weeks, they are starting to fade with this one as well (at 9w4d)

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