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Egg allergy in 15 month old - possible exposure...

We got diagnosed with an egg allergy right before christmas.  I was shocked and stopped all egg - within a week we were snot free (fist time really in over a year), bumpy arms and back smooth, face clear of red / rash, and constipation 100% cleared up (first time in a year).  Right before new years eveyrthing came back and she got sick.  I checked and sure enough I had fed her pasta 2 days in a row with eggs.  I stopped the eggs all symptoms (outside of the cold she had) abated.

Its been two weeks - last night I bathed her and she had a red rash and bumpy arms, checked and she hasn't pooped in 48 hours, face was red she was snotty (though still getting over this cold it seems worse then the day before), and she was CRANKY.  The issue is - I can't figure out / pin point her exposure.

They served ranch dressing in her class (toddlers) at school but not to her - yes she may have swipped someones but she doesn't normally - anyone have an egg allergy that had a skin reaction?  The rash on her back was a circle of red in the center of her upper back where her shirt didn't cover well and then her arms were bumpy but not red.  So it seems consistent.
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Re: Egg allergy in 15 month old - possible exposure...

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