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Puffs for babies with MSPI

Does anyone give their MSPI babies the Gerber puffs? my LO can tolerate soybean oil and soy lecithin but I've been avoiding soy protein and all dairy while BF. he is ready to start some finger foods and pedi suggested puffs.

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  • Happy Baby is soy free.  I would go with an organic brand.

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  • I could be mistaken, but I think a lot of the Gerber puffs also contain milk as well. We use the Happy Bellies/baby products and so far so good. DD and DS also really like the Mum Mums. You have to read labels b/c some of them may contain milk but the organic ones do not.
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  • Thanks! Someone else suggested Happy Bellies and it looks like they have a lot of safe options for my LO. Their website has a very helpful allergen chart :)
  • We used plum organics and happy bellies. Just read the labels because the ingredients may change slightly by variety.

    Also, MPSI friendly teething biscuits are kind of a pain to find. Their is a brand that they sell at whole foods that works called Healthy Times, you can also get on amazon.

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  • Some of the Puffs are okay. The stars like blueberry, strawberry apple, and cinnimon( I think) are okay. DD loves blueberry. The Garden vegetable puffs that are shaped like mini cheese puffs don't have dairy. I think it's PLum Organics makes Creamies, little fruit melts made with rice milk.
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