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skin rash - dog or wheat?

My daughter had the scratch test and came back positive for dog and cat allergy. We rehomed the pets after trying to keep them for months after diagnosis. Its been a few months with them out of our home and she still has horrible contact eczema. We have new couches, wood floors, hepa, new bed, cleaned like crazy.... My question is this... I couldn't eat gluten when I was preggo. So we had her tested for wheat allergy but she came back negative. Could this be a false neg? Should I eliminate wheat from both her and I?

Re: skin rash - dog or wheat?

  • How old is she? Sometime no matter what you do eczema during peak seasons sticks around.

    Hydroxyzine changed our lives in recovery from outbreaks.

    I personally wouldn't think the wheat is doing it .
  • She is 2 weeks away from her first birthday. She was born premature at 33 weeks. 2lbs 13ounces. She's only about 14 lbs now. She small. We have tried so many creams and ointments. This last one is cloederm. A steroid cream. What is the one u mentioned? Prescription? Or homeopathic?
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    It is an oral Rx that keeps them from itching especially at night.. It was our last resort. We were getting lots of infections. He is now 15 months and on it for about 3 months.

    My allergist also suggested adding sunflower oil to his bath. We also use an oil with small steroid called dermasmooth which has made a big improvement also. Then we spot treat with the steroid ointment.
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