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Does anyone have any experience with this formula?  I was pumping/supplementing with Similac up until two weeks ago and long story short, we discovered LO has a milk and soy protein allergy.  The pedi switched us to Nutramigen and although her spitting up has improved and there is no more blood in her diaper as there was before, she has not gained any weight.  We started it two days before Christmas and last Monday we went back to the dr, no weight gain.  They said she was concerned and to come back this coming Wednesday.  Now, we have a visiting nurse who comes every few weeks to check in (health insurance offered it and I figured, why not an extra hand?) and she weighed her today and still no gain.  Prior to the switch, she was gaining like a champ.  My question is, has anyone else had an experience with this formula and was it similar to mine?  Obviously, I will be discussing all this with the dr on Wednesday but am all nervous at the moment and figured one of you ladies may have had a similar experience.  Thanks in advance 


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  • Yes.  My LO was put on Alimentum (Similac's version of nutramigen).  I took him to a GI Specialist.  He has a milk protein allergy.  He is now on Neocate.  It is a Rx elemental formula.  The price is outrageous, but he has been growing like a weed ever since!  He didn't really gain before.  Some...not a lot.  There are two elemental formulas.  Neocate and Eclare.  He had blood in his stool as well.  It takes a while for that to heal.  You might want to check into one of these.  You can order it directly online.  Check with your Dr first, of course.  
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    Ask your dr about mixing it up to a higher calorie. They should be able to do calculations of how much your LO will need per day for weight gain and depending on what current intake is, mixing to higher calorie may help. We've been mixing LO's to 24 cal per our dr/nutritionist recommendations for months.
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  • I agree with pp, talk to your dr about an elemental formula.  It could be that your LO is still having trouble with Nutramigen, because even though it is partially broken down it still contains partial protein chains.  Some sensitive babies (like my LO) still cannot handle the partial chains and need an elemental formula, like Neocate. 

    Elemental formulas are completely broken down 100% into free amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.  So there are no protein chains for your LO to break down.  Here is some info on formula, relfux and MSPI... I hope it helps and I hope your LO starts feeling better soon!!

    What makes Neocate special video:

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  • My DS had diarrhea on it the whole time. He did grow but it was slow. He is now able to drink soy but not milk very well... Growing lots. In the 50th height and weight
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