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Is there such a thing as too much sleep

Hey everyone,

My son just turned 10 weeks yesterday and for the last week has wanted to sleep ALL THE TIME. His eating habits haven't changed, so I don't think he's in a growth spurt. It just seems like he can't get enough sleep and is cranky until I put him down for a nap. He wakes up early, so he has an early to mid-morning nap that lasts around an hour. Then he has a late morning nap that can last around 3 hours. Sometimes I have to wake him up from this. Sometimes, not all the time though, he'll have an afternoon nap that will also be quite lengthy. In addition to this he sleeps about 6-7 hours a night (He's currently over 12 lbs and we were told it was ok to let him sleep through the night if he wanted to. Believe me, there could not have been more rejoicing.). Last night he went down at 9 and didn't wake up until 5. He was born at 9 1/2 lbs, and the doctor said he would be a sleepy baby for awhile, but I didn't think it would be for this long. Should I be worried or is this normal? I'm a first time mom and have a tendancy to hit the panic button sometimes, so any advice on whether we need to get this checked out or if I need to cool down would be helpful. Thanks!

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  • Ok. Maybe I just think it's odd because it's so different than me ;).

  • That actually sounds about right for a ten week old! I'm impressed you already have a little schedule! I didn't have that for like 10 months with DD1!
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  • I am glad you posted this.  I have been concered about my baby girl. I layed her down at 10pm last night and i woke her up at 4am to eat.  I was worried she was sleeping to much and was gonig to long without eating. She is just a little thing though, she weighed 9lb 14 oz at her 2 month appointment, she will be 3 months on 2/14.  I heard it depends on if you are breastfeeding or formula feeding as to how your baby sleeps through the night. Formula is heavier and they sleep longer. 
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    My LO is 12 weeks & 14lbs his bed time is at 9-9:15 & sleeps till 3am for his 1st feeding then feeds at 6 & 9 wakes up plays & eats & naps around 11 for about 1-2 hours then wakes up plays, eats & continues with naps at around 3 & 6 or 7 then bath time at 8 -8:30 when awake he eats, & plays just fine & is EFF
  • Nope.  Let them sleep as much as possible, and enjoy it while you can :).  Could also just be a growth spurt or something, and he'll go back to how he was before you know it.

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