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i need sleep

I hate to sound like a baby here, but I just can't wait until my lil guy gets through this sleep regression.  I need to get a somewhat decent night's sleep soon.  It's been weeks of next to no sleep for me at night followed by working full time.. it's just exhausting.  I know it's just a phase, but sometimes when I am going into his room every hour or whatever it is that night, I can't help but think it'll never get better.  I had a glimmer of hope last Fri night when he slept much better than he had been, but it was just a fluke apparently. 

So for those that have survived and made it to the other side, any advice?  I hate talking about this to people IRL bc they automatically suggest CIO and my son is 4.5 months so obviously that's not an appropriate strategy right now.  I've been going into his room, rubbing his chest, shhing him, using his sleep sheep, giving him a pacifier.. and then if none of that works, then I pick him up and hold/rock him.  Sometimes he goes back to sleep pretty quickly within a couple of minutes, other times it takes longer.. there never seems to be any rhyme or reason.  I just basically do what I have to do to get him back to sleep.  Is that what you guys did?  Also how old was your LO when they got through it? 

TIA for any advice.  Hope you girls got some good sleep last night!


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  • We went through it when DS was 3.5 months and lasted about 7-10 days.  I would nurse him every time he got up and if that didn't knock him out, bounce on the exercise ball with him.  He doesn't take a pacifier and just shushing him/rubbing his back does nothing so I had to pick him up.  I treated it like any other growth spurt.
    Pretty much the same here, except ours lasted almost a month. I pretty much nursed him back to sleep most times and if not I rocked him to get him back down. You do what you gotta do to get through it.
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  • Thanks girls.  Initially he started out just extra fussy at bed time around 3.5 months so it would take a little longer for him to fall asleep, but he would still STTN.  Then 3 weeks ago he started waking up at all hours of the night.. hopefully it'll pass soon.

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