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Delayed start because of weather

My office opened at 9 today because of the weather. I normally get here at 7:30 and leave at 4. No one has said a word about it and I have no idea what time I'm supposed to leave today.

What do you guys think? 4 or 5:30?


Re: Delayed start because of weather

  • They termed it delayed start, if that matters.
  • My current plan is to see if people start leaving at 4 and follow suite. My only problem is I figure a lot of people probably still got here at 7:30.
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  • I would leave @ 4:30.  Weather is what it is, and you have some things to take care of at home.


  • Not a bad strategy. My manager leaves at 4:30. I could sneak out after him.
  • Hope you were able to leave at a decent time. I would love those hours! If I were you I would have left a bit after normal but I would have not taken a lunch (not sure if you normally get one) so just make sure your work is done and hit the road!
  • I think @polooo27 is like me, he gets paid to do a job not by the hour.

    I would have taken it as leave at your normal time if your job is caught up.
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  • Update: I walked around at 4:15 and no one was leaving. I think everyone in my department (about 5 showed up out of 8) came at their normal time so the last person to leave left a little after 5. I snuck out at 5:10.

    Yeah, and I'm salaried. No timesheets to fill out for me.

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