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Pregnant after 35

I am sure this has been discussed before but....

Hey gals!  So I am new here...I am just now 11 weeks today..yaya :)  My ob has referred me to a specialist because I am a senior citizen at 36 years old lol......So I have my first appointment with the perinatologist coming up.  I was wondering...can you ladies tell me what to expect at that first visit with the Perinatologist?  We have NOT had an ultrasound yet, I was told that the Peri would be doing all those from now on?  So what does the Peri do that the OB doesnt?  Thanks girls!

Re: I am sure this has been discussed before but....

  • My peri had a much cooler ultrasound than my OB. Other than that, nothing different. The perish do handle genetic testing if you do more than the genetic blood test. My OB did the Panorama blood draw but doesn't do amnio, for example.

    Ask both docs if you have to keep seeing the peri if everything is going well. First time around (age 37-38) I saw the peri 3 times before being cut loose. This time (age 39-40) I went for my anatomy scan and was immediately cut loose. My only risk factor is age, so once my genetic tests came back a-okay, I had no need to double-up on appointments. For me that means half the chances to pee on my hand when aiming for the cup! Yahoo!
  • Awesome, so go in - weigh - pee in cup - get blood pressure - then on to ultrasound then?  KEWL......Thanks bunches!
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  • Every scenario is probably different.  I have ultrasounds performed at the peri office, but they never weigh me or check my urine.  We also met with the genetic counselor at the peri's office.

    Welcome and congratulations!
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  • Congrats and welcome! We met with genetic counselor and a maternal/fetal medicine doc once each. After the genetic testing and a/s came back ok, my regular OB/gyn continued my care.


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  • Mine does weight, blood pressure, check my blood sugar, deal with any meds I take or other medical conditions. She always does the ultra sound and ran some blood work the first time up get baselines and for the chromosome tests. She also measures cervical length every time.

    My OB handles general OB stuff, which isn't a ton so far, but she will be the one delivering the babies :)
  • Congrats and welcome.

    I am 39. 40 on Saturday!!! I see my OB every 4 weeks. I went to see a genetic counselor at 12 weeks for NT scan and materni21 blood work. I have been to te counselors for my US at 12,16,20 weeks. Will go back at 27 weeks due to a low placenta.

    I still see my OB every 4 weeks. I don't think much is different for me since I am AMA and had a loss last Feb.

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  • Congratulations!  As you've heard we all have different experiences, the only reason I was sent to a perinatologist at all (at the ripe age of 41) is because at my AS ultrasound they did not get good images of the heart so I went and had another with the peri...  all looks good and I'm trucking along.  Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!
  • Thanks gals!!!

  • I never saw a peri.
    I'm 40, third baby and pregnant, only 6 months after my second baby.

    My OB sends me for BPP every other week (since 29 weeks) and for NST every week (since 30 weeks).
    I'm now almost 35 weeks.

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