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Baby Shower Themes

My MIL is planning a shower for me and has asked me what theme I would like. I am hoping for some help comming up with a ideas. I don't want to ask for anything elaborate, just someting that will be easy and fun. Also, unless he changes his mind, DH wants us to keep the sex of the baby a secret. So, the theme shoukd be neutral/team green appropriate.

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  • I like the rubber ducks stuff over the bees and they're the two major themes I guess I've seen on Pinterest (I search for "baby", don't judge) recently.
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  • There are lots of cute neutral ideas on pinterest for a twinkle twinkle little star baby shower
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  • An animal theme is nice for gender neutral. My cousins baby shower she didn't know what she was having a she did all zoo type animals.

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  • The shower my mom and MIL threw for us when we were waiting for adoption but bee-themed but not over-the-top cutesy. MIL and I always loved to go for tea so they planned a fancy tea party in Manhattan, favors were different types of nice tea with mini jars of honey in a little bee favor box and an antique tea cup and saucer with cookies. It was adorable. 

    For my SIL's shower I did an elephants and peanuts theme because they always called the baby "peanut". We knew it was a boy but you could easily do that as a girl or gender-neutral theme too. I've always thought the book-themed showers were cute also. Pinterest has awesome ideas!

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  • My SIL didn't know the sex of the baby, and she had a woodland creatures themed shower. She's really into nature so the main colors used were green and brown. Her friends had leaves made out of construction paper and all of the guest wrote a bit of advice on the leaves and they were hung from twigs, it was a cute idea.
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  • @aliletz, if you can figure out how to make sushi into a theme, THIS is what I want in life.  For everything.  Every birthday, every anniversary, every xmas, etc. etc.
  • I'm currently obsessed with "cute as a button" themes! Pinterest has lots of decor suggestions and it's definitely gender neutral.
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  • My moms best friend has decided to throw a pool party/luau. I wasn't crazy about the idea at first because I was thinking how self conscious I would be with my big preggo belly but now I'm getting excited! Lots of fresh fruit and  slushy drinks yummmm! Plus pretty flowers
  • a circus theme with popcorn, cotton candy, etc. loads of ideas on pinterest. Plus vintage/bird cage/tea party theme. 

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  • I had DD in May, so we had an April shower with an "Easter" theme.  It was all pastels and stuffed chicks and bunnies (team green).  

    I have hosted really cute (and cheesy) duck themed parties.  I have attended cookouts that downplayed the "baby", except for a banner and gifts.  

    I think you should consider the time and location.  If your going to have it in June, maybe a luau, a simple color theme (what color are you doing the nursery?), or just something you think is cute.  Search invitations and see what you just fall in love with.  

    Be aware that when you go with a theme, people tend to buy gifts related to your theme.  For example, a friend that had a duck themed shower got all duck stuff.  Duck cloths, bibs, blankets, and lots of stuffed and rubber ducks. (She knew she was having a girl.) Same story when another friend had an owl shower.  I guess my warning is don't go with something that you'll get tired of or a cartoon that won't match your nursery/ gender/ or yourself in general.   
  • Do you have a nursery theme? I co-hosted my BFF's shower last summer and she was doing a giraffe nursery so we had a giraffe/jungle themed shower.
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  • My shower won't be some much of a theme but more or less pink/grey. Since LO name will be Ellie I'm certain I'll see some elephants lol
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  • aliletz said:

    Are deviled eggs and sushi a theme?  If so, I'm in.

    @aliletz curse you. I now need deviled eggs

  • Don't ask me why, and I fully admit that this is a weird personal idiosyncrasy, I do not let people throw me themed showers (if asked of course, if not I smile and I am thankful) but my cake at my shower was lady bugs because DD's nursery was lady bug themed and we called her (still do) Evie Bug.

  • Try to think of something that corporates the relationship between you and your husband to come up with ideas. A pea themed shower is neutral and an idea I'm throwing.
  • I had a golden books theme that was vintage and primary colors mixed together.

    I also had a summer BBQ thing with my in laws and the guys came too so I didn't have to open gifts from them alone. They just did yellow and orange, had bags of popcorn (ready to pop), a fruit baby carriage... Sounds creepy but it wasn't, and other cute touches. Wasn't really a theme, just coordinated very nicely.

    Go on pinterest and etsy. You'll find a lot of inspiration.

  • I super love everything woodland right now and that's what i think my sisters are doing for me, since they asked what invites I liked. The nursery will also be woodland.
  • 2lacyblue said:
    i did a mexican theme for my bff's shower.  she LOVES mexican food, especially when pregnant, so we did themed food/decor and i got silly sombreros, fake mustaches and maracas.  made for some really great and funny group photos!  :)

    Is it borderline bad taste to do a Mexican/fiesta theme if I'm white but DF is actually Mexican? I can't decide if it would rub people the wrong way.... I LOVE Mexican food and think this shower idea would be really fun.
    @2lacyblue  i don't think it's in super bad taste...i mean, you may be white, but you're having a half-mexican baby!  maybe ask DF what he thinks.  he knows what his family would or wouldn't find offensive at the party  :)

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  • Our nursery theme is forest and my sister is planning the shower with the same theme. We decided on the nursery theme and we don't find out the sex for another 3 days.
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  • Owls!!! I love the idea, DH thinks it's gaudy.
  • I saw a "ready to pop" theme that was very cute. They had food such as popcorn, lollipops, etc. Gender neutral an super cute
  • For my SIL's shower we did a pumpkin theme. It was "Melissa's Little Pumpkin" and they did not find out the gender either.
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