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Hello, I am new to this board but I think it is great that it is here.  My DS is 3 and was diagnosed with a tree nut allergy a year ago after an anaphylaxis reaction to walnuts.  He is very sensitive and can't even go near an open container of tree nuts because of risk of being exposed.  Anyways, the allergist said he might grow out of it when he is older.  Have any of your kids or yourself grown out of this type of allergy? 
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Re: Tree Nut Allergy

  • I'm sorry to hear about his allergy.  :(  I developed anaphylactic tree nut allergy at 33 years old.  To inhaled particles, not even eating it.  It's scary and I never leave home without my epi-pens, I don't go to the mall if there's a nut kiosk, I ask ahead at any functions or parties I'll be going to, etc. My allergist tells me allergies can come and go, but there's no predicting. A friend of ours has a child who was having anaphylaxis several times a month to various triggers, sometimes to triggers they were never able to identify. Just in the past few months he's been able to tolerate a few things on his "big bad" list, so there is hope!
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  • Thank you!  His allergist warned us about inhaling the dust and that it could be a lot more dangerous, so we avoid open containers of nut in grocery stores and the mall kiosks too.  It is a scary feeling.  I am hoping this is something he will grow out of. 
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