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What is your nightly routine?

How soon after LO was born did you start trying to have a nightly routine? What is your routine, and around what time do you start it and lay LO down?

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  • Since birth, we've been following the baby's schedule as our routine
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  • We have done a nightly routine since birth.  The time varies because her feeding times vary.  Half hour before her 'night' feeding (around 7-9pm) we do a bath (every other night), feeding in her dark quiet room and then bed.  We have also had her in her crib since day one.  We do try and get her to bed before the older 2 kids as much as possible too.
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  • We followed her cues, and our evening routine looks like this:

    7:30 - Feeding
    8-10 - Catnaps (2-3 20 minute naps) with fussing or playing in between
    10:30 - Bathtime
    11 - Massage (at this point she gets really dozy)
    11:30 - Feeding
    12 - Cuddles in our bed, read her a book or two, when she starts rubbing her eyes and yawning we put her in bed.

    It takes her about 20 minutes to fall into a deep sleep.  She coos, and makes noises in her bed. If she cries (it's usually short bursts), we go to her rub her belly, give her back her soother, and go back to bed.

    She sleeps until 7:45-8 am.
  • We started her routine at 6 weeks and she is now 8 weeks. It doesn't feel like the routine is going as smoothly as I would like because her falling asleep varies each night. We start at 7 with a bath followed by lotion and pjs and then I nurse her as long as she wants and read her a few goodnight books. She usually fights sleep and doesn't get to bed until 10-11 and will sleep until 5-6.
  • I started noticing a pattern after his 6 week growth spurt where he would cluster feed from about 5:30-8:30 PM and then pass out. I decided to work with this pattern and would head up to the nursery for the 8:30 PM feeding and put him down in his crib after. He was awake for the day at 7:30 am.

    Now that I'm going back to work and I need him up at 6:30 am, so I slowly worked him back to 7:30 PM bedtime in 15 min increments.

    Our only routine is clean diaper, pj's, feed in the dimly lit nursery, and then swaddle in his crib. White noise is on the whole time, no talking, and no eye contact.

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  • We were starting the routine around 8 or 8:30. I've started back at work so we're now trying to have him in bed, asleep by 8 since he's getting up at 6.

    If it's a bath night we start around 7:15, on a non bath night we can start at 7:45.

    We head up to the nursery and keep the lights dim. I turn on some classical music and his fan/filter for white noise. We change him and swaddle him then I rock him while he is offered a last bottle and DH reads a book. Once DH finishes reading we turn off the lights and I continue to rock him until he becomes really drowsy. At that point I'll put him in his crib and if he stirs a little I whisper good nights and pat and rub him until he settles.

    DS is almost 13 weeks and we've had the routine in place for about 5 weeks I guess? Maybe 4. I can't quite remember when it was we started.

    It's worked out really well. From start to finish it takes about 15 - 20 minutes if we aren't doing a bath. Sometimes he falls asleep before DH even finishes reading.
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  • LO is in her crib between 9 and 9:30 most night. Around 6 weeks we moved her to her crib in her own room so that is when I started a routine. When I notice she's getting tired (usually around 8:30) I take her upstairs to her room, diaper change, pj's which is a swaddler sleep sack, and nighttime feed. Then I lay her down and filler humidifier and turn it on. If I don't think she'll fall asleep easily I turn on her noise machine too.
  • We only just started trying to get LO in a routine in the last several weeks (6 weeks pp). It's nothing spectacular. We change her diaper, put her in pajamas and feed her sometime between 7:30-8:30. She's pretty settled down while DH and I relax after that and usually falls asleep between 9-10.
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    I noticed a pattern developing for our daughter around 5 or 6 weeks. I actually didn't really know what to do for bed time rituals before my mom told us how I used to be at her age, and it gave me a little push in the direction I needed to attempt. Now, since she was about 6 weeks old, she has been in bed no later than midnight, and she sleeps right on until 7 or 8 AM. Apparently, I was a 10-hour-a-night baby by 2 months, and she's pretty much on par with my behavior.

    Basically, ours is:
    7-9 PM is wind-down.
    She eats, plays a bit, and by 9:30 she's played out.

    10-12 PM is bed time.
    We bathe her every other day no later than 10:30, and then she eats until she unlatches or falls asleep at the breast. Then I will reposition her to lay across my lap, and rock her into a deep sleep, holding her head in one hand and her lower back in my other so I can lift her easily when I put her in her bassinet. As soon as she is a little older and less gassy at night, I plan to try letting her put herself into her nighttime sleep when she's drowsy but not fully asleep, but for now, she falls asleep eating too often to bother waking her and attempting to let h
    er try it herself and she wakes in about 20 minutes or less if I don't rock her until she is out.
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