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Should I still be waking him up?

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My LO is fed EBM throughout the day. He eats anywhere from 8-11 times per day; 4 ounces at a time. Last night was the first time he slept more than 4 hours at a time - he slept a whole 7! He's usually my alarm clock and I was shocked when I got up this morning at 10 to find him still asleep. 

Is 7 hours too long to sleep if we're still hitting 8-11 feelings a day? Should I go back to setting my alarm to ensure he's up every 4 hours or so?

Eta: fwiw we were at the doctors last week for a well baby visit and he's gaining weight like a champ and he's In the 88th percentile for his age


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Re: Should I still be waking him up?

  • Let him sleep! You too! Enjoy the longer hours!
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  • I agree with everyone above! Enjoy the sleep now!

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  • He's back to his birth weight? Let him sleep and enjoy.
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  • As long as he's gaining weight and there aren't any specific reasons why you need to wake him, I think your fine to let him sleep.  We had to wake DD#2 every 3 hours because she was premature.  Last week we were given the ok not the ok not to wake her.  She's still up every 3-4 hours.
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  • Yup unless baby isn't thriving do not wake him!! He will wake when he's ready to eat. My LO slept 6 hour stretches at 10 days and once he hit 8 weeks that stretched to 8-10 hour stretches. Consistently. Some babies are just sleepers!! Be glad you are lucky to have one!
  • If he's gaining weight appropriately then I say enjoy the sleep!
  • My LO was preemie and since she's been in the NICU I had to wake her every three hours to feed. Shes now 5wks and gained almost 2lbs , pedi said she can sleep. She sometimes takes 5-6 stretches. I think as long as he's on track with weight gain it should be fine. Gl
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