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Wine and Canvas

Have any of you done one of these? I'm headed to one tomorrow evening with my mom, best friend, and some of my mom's friends. None of us have ever attended. I am not the most artsy person and I'm getting nervous my field of poppies is going to look like my preschooler painted it. Good thing there will be wine. Should I be prepared to actually have to demonstrate skills or is it more or less paint by numbers?

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  • Ours had the scene already sketched.  Then the instructor went step by step through the painting.  It was fun, but I ended up throwing away my artwork within the week.  A couple of glasses of wine makes you a better artist, dancer, etc:)
  • Ours was not sketched ahead and yes it look like DD did it. It was fun. Not worth the price to me but fun.
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  • We have one scheduled for MOMS Club soon and I do not know if I can make it yet.  If DH is off, I'll go but I am not hiring a babysitter to put my kids to bed on a week night just for that.

    I am mostly afraid it will look like crap and I won't want it in my house.  I think ours is only $15.

  • I've done it and it's really fun!! I'm in no way an artist but I went in knowing it could suck and I would want to throw it away.
  • DH and I did one while I was pregnant with DS1, so no wine involved, just stone-cold-sober painting.  I thought it turned out pretty cute - it's a grove of birch trees in the snow with a path going through them - until my friend pointed out that it looks like someone was dragging a body through the woods.  I'll never see it the same way again.  

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  • I've done Painting With a Twist twice. It was so much fun. Lots of drinking, music and some painting. We had hilarious artists guiding the classes though. I think they can make or break it.

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