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First timer due Aug 25th in Wayne county NC

Hey ya'll! Well the title says it all. I'm from Durham but i'm active duty stationed at Seymour stuck in Goldsboro. We just moved back from Okinawa Japan. It really sucks because we have so many friends and family back there and they can't meet the baby.  I'm 8 weeks on the dot today. Morning sickness is mostly just dizzyness and food aversions so far. I can't wait til I'm showing though! I'm going to flaunt my prego belly so much. Hubbs and I have decided to wait til the baby shower to learn the gender. We'll see how long that lasts lol. Wanted to have the baby at Duke because mom works there but its so far from here and we aren't sure if tricare covers it so we're bummed about that. I hope the baby comes before the 25th though. That way we will all be fire signs. Its no big deal I just thought it'd be cool though. We didn't know how to be at our first prenatal last week. We both just stared at the little belly jean on the u/s screen speechless. Hubby's face was priceless when we heard the quick little heart beat. It was beautiful and I think that made it more real to us. Is anyone out here near us? Any military? Anyone know which hospital is the safest?




Re: First timer due Aug 25th in Wayne county NC

  • Hey! My hubby is also stationed at SJAFB in G'boro. I'm due August 30, but this is my second and his first. My daughter is 10, but I'm new to the military. Tricare has been awesome working with me regarding my choice of hospitals and ob options. Would love to hear from you. I love in Johnston County, but am so close to Wayne, it's frightening! My email address is [email protected]! Congrats on your baby!
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