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I'm a giant ball of stress

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I just went to a new primary doctor for a physical. My blood pressure's on the high side and I registered an arythmia when they did an EKG. They said they kept registering muscle tremors. I told him I've been stressed lately (and explained my stressors) and haven't had much time to work out, but they kept seeming to think I was a ticking time bomb.

They are sending me for a stress test and an echocardiogram. But even more notably, he and the nurse kept asking me if I was depressed. I told them no, that I've just been really stressed for a while now, but this may have been the first time ever that I wasn't entirely sure of that answer.

We have our settlement hearing with the school on Thursday and next week we're getting the results to J's pychoneurological evaluation, and I'm dreading both. M was also evaluated for social skills services yesterday and have things scheduled every evening this week, culminating in M's birthday party on Saturday and birthday on Sunday. So yeah, I'm stressed out to the max. My nerves feel very raw and I keep catching myself clenching my jaw and then breathing deep, but I don't think anything is going to help but the passage of time and these two weeks.

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  • Stress sucks, period. It takes a major toll on the body, and your right sometimes only time will take it away.

    Try to breathe, take 10min of quiet personal time...this is only a trying period.
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  • I just wanted to offer support--we're here if you need to "talk."
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  • Hang in there!
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