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Funny article

At least I thought so:

My favorite line: The other day I looked at my kid and asked, quite seriously, “No for real, what the hell is wrong with you?”

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  • Haha thanks, I like this.
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  • Thanks for sharing.  My favorite lines were:


    "Team “Always falling short.” Team “I cook sometimes.” Team “Twice a year I do crafty shit.”

    Team Human.

    Team This is What I’ve Got.

    Team Join Me in Reality."

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  • Bwaahaa! Thank you for sharing that. So timely. I was looking at the natural childbirth board the other day. Had my first with no epidural and hope to do it again this time around. But some of those people scared me to death! "I'm having my baby at home even though last time I did an ambulance took me and the baby to a hospital because we both almost died!" "What's your doula's approach to massage?" I felt just like this woman. Holy crap, I just don't want an epidural. I'm not going to have the baby at home, wait til the cord stops pulsing before cutting it myself (REALLY?? Who thinks of this??), and then burying my placenta under a tree after chanting to the moon. So count me out of whatever team that is.
  • Hilarious. My favorite line (so far): She should be playing with Amish carts and brown-skinned Waldorf dolls bought on Etsy, but instead she’s singing “Todos juntos!” with her face 4-inches from her brother’s Kindle Fire.

    I had to stop just to post it here, b/c I liked it that much...

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