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I am a FTM so I need some help. My baby has little red bumps on both of her cheeks and chest and around her armpits. I haven't used anything different on her at all. Any idea what it could be? A friend mentioned baby acne but I looked up info on it and really don't think that's what it is. Also what can I put on it to make it heal?

Re: Rash

  • Sounds like baby acne to me, but I'd take your LO in just to be sure.
  • Be careful putting anything on the baby's face, as it may make it worse instead of better. If you are really concerned, see the pediatrician, who will quickly diagnose cause and recommend treatment if needed.
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  • I would get it checked but in the meantime keep it clean with a wet warm cloth, I wouldn't put anything on it.
  • I would talk to the doc. Someone just posted about a supposed heat rash on my bmb. It turned out to be strep. I'm not saying that's likely but rashes are better diagnosed by people who have experience with them.

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