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Portland VBAC moms?

Hi there, my name is Whitney and I just found out I'm pregnant with baby number 2. I'm planning on a VBAC but am scared out of my mind. I'm wondering if there are any Portland mommies out there going through the same experience or any mommies that have done it that can offer up some support? Or if you are thinking about it we can share research and share concerns? Can't wait to hear from you ladies! :-)

Re: Portland VBAC moms?

  • I have had 4 VBACs, and another one, God willing , in Dec.  Congrats and you go, you can do it.  3 have been born at home.  11lb 7oz, 8lb 14oz, and 10lb 15oz.
  • I was wondering what a vbac consisted of..... What do they do?
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  • I just had my 6th VBAC.  You can do it!  Contact me privately if you want to talk.

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