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CBear47 & her battle w/ Minion's position

After careful consideration (and hours of ugly crying and coming to the realization that Minion really is going to call the shots from now on) we are going in Tues (39w) for...
(1) Checking to see if Minion flipped head down on its own. If it has, I'll be induced.
(2) Having a (medicated) version to turn Minion head down, then induction.
(3) If version is unsuccessful, I'll already be in the OR ready for a c/s.
I was really hoping for an unmedicated birth, but both my MWs and the OBs just don't think it's safe to risk going into labor naturally because of Minion's "variable lie." If the version is successful, we will be able to try all "natural" forms of induction before going to meds. And, the epidural will wear off in two hours, so I'll be able to move and labor as planned, hopefully.

Thank you ladies, again for all your kind and encouraging words! (And T&Ps!). Looks like Minion will be here Tues!!!!!

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