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MoM's who delivered around 35 weeks...

When did your babies get to come home? I'm so anxious for my Baby B (Brooklyn) to come home!! I know Baby A (Brynlee) will be in the NICU for a few more weeks for her health conditions. Today is the 8th day in the NICU. Brooklyn is eating pretty well, was doing photo therapy but no longer doing it. Just curious when your 35 weekers went home.
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Re: MoM's who delivered around 35 weeks...

  • I think it depends on the baby. Mine were born at 34+4 and they were in the SCN for 4 weeks. Another twin momma had hers at 35 weeks exactly and I'm pretty sure they went home with her when she did. Mine were fine other than needing to grow.


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    my girls were 34w5d and we were in the NICU with them for 8 days
    Going through the NICU again with my newest addition has shown me the vast differences in care approach from one NICU to another.
    My girls' NICU experience was based on volume feeding, where the NICU that we are in currently is based on developmental care and cue-based feeds, etc. Huge difference! Even though we've been there 6 weeks and counting and it driving me crazy, I truly know that this team is really watching him and making sure he's not coming home before he's 100% ready.
    Hang in there!!

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  • My 33 weekers were home in just under 3 weeks!!
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  • My 35 week babies were home in 8 days.  :)

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  • Mine are 34weekers and were in the NICU for 13 days.

  • 33 and 6 here. They came home in 14 days. The twin mom who's twins room shared with mine came home in 20 days and she was 34 and 3. Our babies were both boys, both di/di with almost identical weights. Her B was IUGR as was mine. Only difference was she had a c-section I did not. But I doubt that made any difference. It's really just determined by babies and how they do on the outside.

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  • Mine were 35 and 2 and went home with me 36 hours after birth. However, being a NICU nurse worked in my favor because I think my pediatrician was confident I would be very attentive to any signs we needed to go back to the hospital. In our NICU we send babies home once they are eating well AND gaining weight, maintaining their own body temperature without any external heat sources, free from all apnea and bradycardic episodes (not breathing for > 20 sec or falling heartrate below normal limits), and free from any signs of infection.
  • Mine were 35+3 B came home with me after 3-4 days. C spent 2 days in NICU 8 in special care so 10 days. A spent 18 days in special care

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  • Mine were 35w and came home in 10 days.
  • Mine were 35+4 and came home after 6 days.
  • Mine were 35 -5 and came home with me after 4 nights (we all had to stay one extra night). A was in the NICU for 36 hours while we were there for blood sugar issues. Hope they are home soon!
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  • My 36 weekers came home after 8 days. Baby b had to gain back some weight and sugar levels had to get back to a decent level.


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  • I am currently at 34wks1d and was wondering if any of you ladies remember if you had any signs that your little ones were coming soon.

    I have been having a lot more BH and pressure low during them so I am not sure if those are tells or not. I go see the doc this week so I am going to bring up my questions for sure. But will definitely be calling if I feel them getting stronger.
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  • Ours were 36w5d.  They never had to go to the NICU but we did stay in the hospital with them for 5 days due to jaundice and temperature regulation.  On day 5 they they were released home.  It just depends on the baby.
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  • Thanks for all the responses!! Our Baby B Brooklyn finally got to come home last night on day 10! So happy she's home! Now just waiting on Baby A Brynlee to recover from her surgery. She should be home in another 2 weeks or so. We also got their first photo together since they were separated at birth! Thought I'd share!
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  • My 33w5d girls came home in 14 days.  

    I hope your's are home soon!

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  • both of mine were in NICU for 14 days....They both had two apnea episodes and that bought them an automatic 10 days.

  • My kids were 35.1 they were in the Nicu 8 days. My ds1 was 33 week he was in there a little over 2 weeks
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