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I wish I would have read this during our NICU journey

Re: I wish I would have read this during our NICU journey

  • Me too.

    I made a friend with a fellow NICU mom.  Both our LOs were born the same day and were around the same gestation.  Thanks to Facebook we're able to keep connected and I love seeing her LO grow up! It was so nice to have another mom in the NICU to talk about our birth experiences and cheer each other's LOs on.
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  • @conradtn - I also connected with a family - we were 4hrs from the hospital so I stayed at a Ronald McDonald house & my H came up on weekends - having people to go through it with is so wonderful, we also still keep in touch on FB and hopefully will meet up again someday when our LO's are older.
    Hoping this one stays put a little longer
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  • Great article! Thanks so much for sharing

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  • I read this the other day and couldn't have written it better myself. 
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  • This article speaks to me on EVERY level!
  • Great article, I wish the hospitals would provide something like this to help new preemie moms. It's so scary.
  • Great read, we are about 2.5 weeks in to our NICU experience and have a long way to still go. I rarely see other mom. I stay all day and visit with my DH after dinner. I was hoping there would be someone to talk to but maybe soon

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