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BFing done, why do I feel guilty?

I stopped our last feeding today.. Breastfeeding was never really the plan. I said I would try it and see what would happen. I can't believe I made it to a year. Being a teacher who's working pumping momma was not easy (i barley have enough time to eat lunch) but at the same time, I loved it. So why am I so sad our BFing journey is done. I thought I'd feel overjoyed, empowered, excited, happy, freed, and independent again. But I feel sad and a little depressed. I've enjoyed this journey way more then I ever thought. 

Anyone feel the same?


Re: BFing done, why do I feel guilty?

  • It makes me sad just thinking of stopping breasfeeding, but we have no plans to stop anytime soon.  Congrats on making it to a year!  I work full-time too so I know how hard it is to be a working, pumping mama! 
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  • I am right there with you. DH and I went for a vacation last week and left DS behind with only WCM. I cried the last time I nursed him before we left. So far he's been able to nurse when he wakes once at night but I know my supply is dwindling. I thought 7 months for sure, then maybe a year. If we hadn't gone away and I had a job where I could pump each day I think I would keep going. It's definitely an emotional bond and I know it will be hard when I stop once and for all. It's just another phase though I guess.
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    I felt the same exact way. I was slowly weaning DS and was down to just one nursing session before bed. Then right on his 1st bday he decided he was done and hasn't nursed since. I feel sad and miss the closeness also, but I'm proud that we lasted a original goal was 6 months.

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  • I feel the same way. I was never going to breastfeed as long as I did (12.5 months) but the end snuck up on me. My supply started dwindling once I became pregnant with baby #2. I was hoping to still do an early morning and bedtime feeding for awhile, until it faded out. Unfortunately I was put on antibiotics yesterday so can't have LO drink the milk. I've been tempted to pump and dump to keep up the small supply that I have, but think it might be time to let it go. It is amazing how much I miss it already. 
  • Congrats on making it so far, that's great! I get sad every time I think about DD no longer breastfeeding. But I don't think she plans to quit anytime soon.
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  • Dd went on a nursing strike a couple of weeks ago and at first I thought she was done with BFing and I was excited and then that quickly changed to sadness. I wasn't ready emotionally. She started back up again after 5 days and I can tell my supply is a bit less but there and she seems happy with it. Now I am not sure when I will be stopping.
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  • Congratulations! It's great that you kept up with it. Amazing how it turns out different than you imagined, isn't it? I didn't have plans to breastfeed and next week will be one year. We've started weaning and my daughter is only nursing at night but it has also been really hard on me. I feel depressed, blah and just in a funk. I've been told its my hormones. I think it's also because its the first time in my daughters life ill be letting go. You're not alone. Hang in there!
  • How wonderful it is that you were able to have a good breastfeeding experience.  You will always have that time with your LO that no one else can replace for her.

    I stopped BFing totally in November but stopped pumping a few weeks earlier because I wasn't getting enough for the time it took me.  I didn't feel guilty about stopping pumping but I still miss BFing.  I miss the sweet cuddles and caressing but we get plenty of cuddles now with my shirt on!  My hormones were fine so I never felt depressed about it but I did feel guilty the first time he saw me undressing and crawled across the room faster than I have ever seen him crawl with a huge grin on his face only to burst into tears when I put on my shirt.

    Anytime I do start to miss it, even months later, I think about how much I enjoy keeping my shirt on all day, how I can wear dresses that zip up in the back again, and how awesome good bras are when they're not designed to flop open.
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  • I feel the same way. My goal was to make it to one year. My daughter turns one on the 31st and the thought of stopping makes me so sad. I work full time and pump and I know my supply is barely hanging on. For the effort it takes to pump it's sad how little
    I'm bringing home. But I just can't bring myself to stop yet. Once she turns one I know I'm going to start reducing my pumping at work but I'm already feeling sad and guilty over it.
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