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Ouch! Is this normal?

So now that I'm getting further it's been a few weeks since I've had constant achy pains in my lower abdomen. For the past  couple of days not only does it feel achy on my sides by my hip bones but I can't stretch really. If I do something like roll over or try to stretch out a sharp pain shoots down my side. My tailbone also hurts! I'm not sure if that's related or not. Maybe just growing and stretching you think??

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  • Yeah, the chiro usually fixes me up too, but I went a couple of days ago and it almost seemed like it was worse!
  • ive been having achy pain too. and randomly i just turned in bed last night and had a stretch like sharp pain in my lower abdomen. hmmm.i'm assuming its growing pains.
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  • I have the same feeling in my lower abdomen. I was unprepared for a sneeze the other day and it about killed me - I attribute it to all of the stretching and growing that's happening! I also think it could be gas/digestion trying to happen, but failing.

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  • Yep last night I felt really sore in my abdomen and was a bit worried but if I laid still I could also feel my hips hurting. I finally figured out it was more towards my belly button than pubic area and fell asleep.

    Having a baby means some weird sensations!

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    Well, I'm comforted to hear so many others with the same complaints. I've also assumed it's growing pains, and comparing my 12 week bump pic with my 15 week pic it makes sense. The Chiro did not help with this either. I wish I had suggestions to offer for comfort but aside from frequent rests and changing positions I don't have much to share.
  • It is called "round ligament pain." Totally normal in trimester 2.
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  • I haven't had much of the achy abdominal pain, but I have definitely had weird tailbone sensations. Sometimes when I roll over at night, my tailbone hurts SO MUCH. It's really odd.
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  • The sharp pain in your sides is round ligament pain. It's a sign your uterus is growing. The tailbone pain is probably from increased pressure and your pelvic joints loosening up. All normal.

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  • I started going pregnacy yoga classes 3 times a week when I started getting these aches and pains. It really helped.
  • I just experienced something like this! I stood up too fast and the right side of my abdomen felt like it was going to rip apart. Happens when I sneeze to only during that it's an all over feeling.
  • This was me last night. It was terrible. Luckily today has been muh better.
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  • THIS! All of these responses is why I am so grateful for this board!

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  • Yes this eased my fears - thanks ladies
  • Do any of you get a tightening in your uterus/ lower abdomen at all? Almost feels like mild menstrual cramps? Spoke to my dr at my last visit a couple days ago and she checked EVERYTHING and said everything looks fine and baby's heartbeat is good too. I'm still paranoid so I'm wondering if anybody else feels this?
  • Getting pretty strong sciatic pain as well! At first I was freaked out, but Dr. Google told me it was normal. I'm trying to take it as a positive that the baby is growing!



  • I haven't had much of the achy abdominal pain, but I have definitely had weird tailbone sensations. Sometimes when I roll over at night, my tailbone hurts SO MUCH. It's really odd.
    After saying yesterday that I've had no abdominal achyness, my abdominal region was so achy and tight today! Worth it for growing baby : )
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