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Salem doctors?

Just got a BFP for my second child and need to know of a good doctor in the Salem area.  My last doc was in Newberg and I LOVED HER!!! It's just too far of a drive.  Any recs?

Re: Salem doctors?

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    I have renard in Silverton and I love love love her, plus she has a 3d ultrasound in her office which means I get 4 ultrasounds and 3 have 3d!

    Eta I started at Salem clinic. Too crowded and overbooked for me
  • Dr. Greg Mallek is in Salem. I used to go to the same gym as him (CrossFit Salem) and he's a really great guy!
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  • @Erin1510 I love Dr Mallek he's delivered both my babies and even waited in the waiting room till it was time to push even though he wasn't the on call doctor. 
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  • DR. Goldsworthy at Salem Clinic is who I have been seeing and I love her!
  • Dr rice at Willamette health partners is amazing. I live in Newport and drive to Salem for her.
  • Dr. Frank at Salem clinic. Loved him!
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