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Any experience giving toddler tamiflu?

My DS tested positive for the flu today.  His doc wasn't going to give him tamiflu because he said the possible side effects (vomiting, hallucinations) weren;t worth it, but once I told him I was pregnant he decided to go ahead and give it to him.  He is very close to the 48 hour "cut off" for Tamiflu and may have even surpassed it a few hours so I'm not sure if it's worth giving it to him.

Anyone with experience giving your toddler tamiflu?

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Re: Any experience giving toddler tamiflu?

  • I tried giving to DD last flu season. It was brutal. It smelled and tasted dreadful. After trying with zero luck to get her to take it via the medicine syringe we attempted mixing it in her dippy cup with various concentrations of juice. Out of the whole regiment we maybe got 3 full doses in. Ultimately it was a waste of the $70.00. Our situation was slightly different because DD was just exposed to the flu and didn't actually have it. Good luck!

  • I gave it to dd1 last year when she was about 2.5 and I was two weeks away from having dd2. We had no problems with it.

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  • We gave it to my son and daughter last February (E was 2.5 and G was 4).  I had the flu first, so we were able to get their prescriptions for Tamiflu within a few hours of their first symptoms of the flu. It was very effective in cutting the flu duration from a week to just a few days.  Their high fevers went down within 24 hours from 103/104 to 100/101.  They both experienced one episode of vomitting which I attributed to high fever, not Tamiflu.  They experienced no side effects that I observed, just normal flu symptoms. I was glad we got it for them and have no regrets giving it to them.  Even with the Tamiflu, they both had terrible hacking coughs for a few days.
  • We did last year with no issues. It actually halped a lot, my poor baby was miserable!

  • I worked in a pharmacy as a tech & people always said it helped a ton with no side effects.
    If you can't get your kiddo wont take it, you can try mixing it with yogart.
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