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ISO LGBT friendly natural childbirth OB & midwife

Hi there! We are trying to find an LGBT friendly OB and midwife for natural childbirth in Indianapolis. Would greatly appreciate any leads. Thanks in advance!

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  • I don't have any suggestions, but good luck! I hope you find someone you love!
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  • What part of Indianapolis are you in, and how far are you willing/able to drive? 
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  • I did not have a natural childbirth but my doctor was Dr. Mary Soper and she is known in and around Indy for being a very natural birth friendly OB. She has a terrible bedside manner but honestly, I'm totally going to her again for the next kid because she did an awesome job with the birth. I can give you details if you'd want more, but basically she doesn't do anything unless it's absolutely necessary. She let my body do what it wanted/needed to do. All the nurses at Methodist rave about her, too. I'm pretty sure she'd be LGBT friendly from my interaction with her. Hope that helps! 
  • I've also heard good things about Dr. Soper (on the natural side, not necessarily LGBT-friendly).  Unfortunately, I can tell you some that aren't so friendly.  :-/  I'm on the same search, so I'll share whatever info I can find.  GL and welcome!
  • I don't have an recommendations but just wanted to good luck & welcome!
  • Thanks all! Given the slim pickings, we may try our hand with Dr. Soper and hope that her bedside manner issues don't discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Any thoughts on midwives with these strengths?
  • Hiya-- we are midtown, willing to drive as far as it takes. Chicago might be pushing it.
  • We are now also looking for an LGBT friendly OB or Midwife in the Indianapolis area.  I'm hopeful that 3 years later there might be more options out there.

    Our main concern is finding someone with experience/knowledge in timing inseminations, working with sperm banks, etc.

    We would be willing to travel within an hour from Indy. Thanks for any recommendations.

    (Pleguin, did you find someone you liked?)


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