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Birth classes

Hi! I'm due in April and wondering if anyone had recommendations for weekend or in home birthing classes to take. Thanks for your help.

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  • You are delivering at home? I know most hopitals have classes but not sure if they have home birth classes. I'm due in April too!
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  • Nope at a hospital but I'm not sure If we will be able to go when it's offered
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  • I private messaged you.
    And I'd call and ask a hospital. Or look online.
  • What kind of birth are you looking for? If you want a natural birth their are Bradley teachers in the area. They have a Facebook page I believe it's San Anotonio Bradley teachers on Facebook but I'm not positive. There are also birthing from within teachers in the area but I'm not familiar with them since we did Bradley. I don't know what birthing classes they offer but Mommy Time at 1604 and 281 might have something. If you're not looking for an unmediated birth I would contact the hospital you'll be delivering at and see if they have any openings in their birth classes. All of the hospitals should offere them but space is limited.
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