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  • My name was 79th the year I was born. I didn't like "Leah" when I was a kid bc I thought it was too uncommon and I desperately wanted to be named Jessica. However, I grew to appreciate it when I got into my teen years. I really like it now and feel like it fits me. The only thing I don't love is the Biblical character association (depressing character) and the meaning (weary).
  • I don't mind my name, it's Erin. My maiden name is very Irish so when put together people would often make comments, however, I always thought they flowed well. I knew a few people named Erin in school but only one in my class. It was ranked 24th the year I was born.
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  • No one can ever spell my name or pronounce it. I didn't meet anyone with my name until I was 19 or 20 and have only met two people with my name. I'm hearing it around more and more and, not going to lie, it kind of weirds me out.
    In the fifth grade I wanted to change it to something more common. But, I like it and it has special meaning as I was named after a Great Aunt and I get a lot of compliments. My name is Thea.
  • I'm a Vanessa, and I've always liked it. Recognizable but not popular (it has never been in the top 10), no real nicknames, pretty easy to spell. Jonathan Swift created the name for his poem, Cadenus and Vanessa, so I guess I shouldn't be so hard on everyone who wants to name their kid Katniss :)

  • I'm Deanna and I have always liked my name. It was #136 the year I was born and even now it's rare I come across another one. My middle name is Crystine which I actually like, even though my mom admitted to the smoosh because she couldn't decide between Crystal and Christine.
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  • I'm Paula. It was #296 the year I was born. I've always loved that it is simple, feminine, and uncommon. Good job mom and dad! I was always the only one in school, and I guess that made me feel pretty special. 
  • My name is Cheryl and it wasn't popular when I was young. There was one other Cheryl in my large all girl high school. So I always liked it. My mom had a friend named Cheryl growing up and she loved it and that's how she picked it out. So it was more popular in the 50's and 60's. I wonder if it will come back.
  • I hate my original first name which my parents gave me just because that is what was expected (family name) I have always been known by my mn which I love as a teenager I officially swapped them around so my mn became fn and fn became mn. 

  • My name was #39 the year I was born. Which actually surprises me because I've only ever come across 4 others with the same name. I love it because there aren't many of us (at least in my area), and I think it's pretty. I don't like it because I'm often associated with a singer who I don't like.

  • I'm ambivalent about it. Nicole was #2 the year after I was born but I never had one in my class and only one that I graduated with.
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  • My name is Jane. It was #328 the year I was born. I like how classic and simple it is, like it will never go out of style. There were no other Janes in my high school of 1200, which was awesome. I wouldn't change it. :)
  • I'm Elizabeth, nn Liz.  My parents really liked watching The Waltons (!) and named me after a character on that show.  I don't think it was terribly popular when I was born ('75); I only recall one or two other people with my name in my class.  I find it kind of neat that it is seeing a resurgence now. 

    I was kind of ambivalent on my name as a kid, mainly because of all the nicknames you can call an Elizabeth.  Hated being called Beth or Betsy....ugh!!  Got called Lizard a lot, which I actually loved since it was a term of affection among my friends. 

    I really love my name now 

  • My name is Marina.  It was number 502 in the US the year I was born.  When I was a kid, I wished that I had a more common name.  There were never any keychains with my name on them in gift shops. I often had to repeat my name for people twice when they asked for it.  I sometimes got annoying comments - "Like the place with boats?"  "Like the water?"  "Like marine?"  Being a immigrant, I already felt a bit like I didn't belong, and having a very uncommon name added to that.  

    I like my name now and have gotten used to the little inconveniences of having a uncommon name. People who didn't know me well almost always have a hard time remembering my name and call me by other similar and more common names like Maria, Marian, Marissa, and Miranda.  When I gave birth to DS, our hospital bracelets all said "Maria" on them.  When they showed me the bracelets to have me double-check them before putting them on all of us, I told them they had my name wrong and the nurse doing them basically blew me off with something to the effect of "it's close enough".  So for the 2.5 weeks DS was in the NICU, half the nurses called me Maria.  I'm also constantly spelling it for people over the phone, even though it's only 6 letters and very phonetic - people just aren't familiar with it as a name and aren't sure they heard me right since, again, there are several very similar and more common names. 

    Also, for all the name popularity discussions - I had to use my last initial twice in my life to differentiate from another woman with the same name, though both times were in college.  I'm still good friends with one of those ladies. :)  I know a total of 6 more Marinas between the ages of 7 and 40.
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  • My name is Nadia. I've only met one other Nadia in my life from middle-high school, but she's a year older than me so I never had to be "Nadia *initial".

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  • My name is Nina and it was not popular at all when I was a kid. I always was the only Nina- the only thing I can't stand is that sometimes people pronounce it nine-ah which a hate! I like it and it fits me
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    I have always liked my name, but of course when I was a little girl, there were other names I thought my mom should have picked just because I liked them at the time. But now I would say I love it and wouldn't change it. It's not too out there, yet I have only known a few people with it growing up. I never had another kid in my class with my name, but I did work with someone with the same name once. My name was in the 70s
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  • My name is Lynn and I like it. Short, easy to pronounce, not common yet not weird. I feel like its simple and classic, not fussy.


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  • I'm Laura. I didn't really care for it as a child, but I love it now. It is classic, very feminine and beautiful (I think!)...I don't hear it used much anymore which is a shame. It's a lovely name and I am glad to be named Laura.

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  • My name is Laura, and Iove it. When I was younger, I hated it because I thought it sounded too old-fashioned, and I got Little House on the Prairie references. However, now I feel like it's classic - not too popular, but still familiar. 

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    My name is Ryan. I've had a love/hate relationship with it. I like that having a "boys" name makes me certainly memorable to people. At the same time I hate when on the phone a company asks for my name, there's silence, then they ask again if that is MY name. 

    Even with boys names in my class to consider only once or twice did I go by last initial too. Though it sucked if there were Brians too because they sound too much alike when a teacher says them. 

    I personally when naming my kids do not like uni-sex names. So maybe that's the inner me fighting back to having a "boys" name. 
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  • My name is Jennifer.  #1 in 1983.  Was always "Jennifer Initial"  At work even now there's 4 of us out of the 20-25 people who work in my dept.  My church has 10 Jennifers out of 140 members.  However, I get called Jessica frequently.
  • I'm Brita and it was mispronounced  A LOT growing up but I love how unique and simple it is. My sister is Sara and hated how many others there were in her classes. We're looking for something unique for our baby girl but not weird!
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  • Tyrin.  I don't care for my name.  It's never pronounced correctly,  even at my wedding! 

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  • My name is Maureen; it was 276 the year I was born. I like it now, but I didn't growing up.  Mainly because it was always spelled wrong and it was never on the personalized stuff. There were never any in school with me, not even college or grad school. Now most people just say, "That's my mom's name" (or that's my aunt's name, etc.). I like that it's a little different.

    Also, in about fifth grade, the boys in my class called me Moron for a short time.  That didn't really bother me because my cousins and brother had figured that out years earlier, so I was prepared for it. It didn't last long, probably because it didn't seem to bother me.
  • My name is Chaci and I've always loved it. Its always been pronounced wrong, but I've never been bothered by it. Definitely NOT a popular name when I was born or now. I've never met another Chaci, but I know there are a few spread across the U.S. and in other countries.
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