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Best News of the year.

So our doctors came in this morning and said that Reese is responding so well to her medicine and her numbers are dramatically better that it may be possible to go home late next week and continue chemo as an outpatient.

Thank you for all your support, PMs, prayers and gifts. :)
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Re: Best News of the year.

  • Love to hear good news for you guys and will be hoping for nothing but good news moving forward!!!!

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  • Oh how awesome! Big hugs and thinking of you guys everyday!
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  • That is wonderful news!


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  • Wonderful!




  • Amazing news!!!!!!!!! She is going to kick leuk's ass, just so you know. Please keep the updates coming! 
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • Way to go Reece! Great news, glad she is doing so well :)
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  • Such great news! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!
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  • That's amazing! I hope you continue to get such fantastic news!
  • Such wonderful news!
  • That's amazing! I hope the good news continues.

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  • That's fantastic! So glad she's doing so well!
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  • That's incredible!

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  • That's great news. I'm glad she is doing well. 
  • Awesome!!
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    My Reese sends your Reese lots of love and well wishes. Hallelujah for good news! Mazel tov!!!
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  • That's so great! :)
    I'm so happy for you guys, tell Reese to keep up that attitude :)

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  • Yay!!! That is GREAT news!

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  • Wonderful news. Sending positive vibes.
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  • That is amazing news!!!!!!! :) thinking of you guys!

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  • Awesome news!!!! Im so happy yo hear she's responding well to treatment! Sending lots more positive vibes your way, mama!!!
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  • This makes me so happy! You have been on my mind all week. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep the good news coming!!
  • Cheering for Reese here! Take care you guys. Wonderful news.

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  • Wonderful news!

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  • That is awesome news! So very happy that things are going well. Love to you mama!
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