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7 Months - Solids & Breastfeeding & Working Mom

Let me give some background before I ask my question.

I've been breastfeeding my daughter for 7 Months now.  We both really enjoy the closeness... I know because she doesn't fall asleep easily unless I nurse her.  I started solids at 6 Months mainly because the milk I banked over a three month maternity leave period has really dwindled.  I was having trouble keeping up with how much she was eating while I was at work (at times she would consume 16-24 ounces in 8 hours!).  I did pump twice at work and once before bedtime, and would breastfeed her whenever I was at home, but I still coudln't keep up with her.

Fastforward to where we're at now.  She still loves to breastfeed, but is now eating solids three times a day.  I'm able to bank a little more milk this way and still breastfeed her whenever i am home, but i'm worried whether or not she's getting the nutrition she needs from eating solids.  I also don't want her to self-ween before a year.  I'm still pumping three times a day, twice at work, once before I go to bed.  Her feeding routine on a WORKDAY generally looks like this:

4:30am Breastfeed

6:30am Breastfeed

9am Solids - Banana Cereal/Fruit, 4-8oz. bottled breastmilk afterwards

12-1pm Solids - Plain Cereal, Fruit, Veggie, 4-8 oz. bottled breastfmilk afterwards

5pm - Solids - Plain Cereal, Meat, Fruit Veggie, Breastfeeding afterwards

7-8pm - Breastfeed

Can I have opinions on this?  Advice?  I know peole suggest breastfeeding before offering solids, but because she was slow to eat the solids, I reversed the order.  Now she's really enjoying solids.  Should I switch to breastfeed first, solids second?


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  • Our pediatrician said LO shouldn't be on 3 meals a day until 9 months and that breast milk should not be reduced, the solids should just compliment it, though in your case, it does look like she is still breastfeeding/bottle-feeding expressed milk, plenty. But when she takes 8 oz, that does seem like quite a lot of milk she is consuming at once. My LO takes no more than 4 oz in a bottle at a time, she takes about 12 oz in 10 hours. I can't imagine she gets much more when she nurses, because I generally get 3-4 oz when I pump, so she's getting at most an once or two more. But, some babies are different. I'd be interested to hear what the other moms have to say, but I think that as long as she's having plenty of wet diapers a day, I probably wouldn't change anything.
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  • Sounds to me like she is getting plenty of BM. My LO is 8 months and we recently started 3 meals so his schedule is 7am BF, 8am breakfast,  10am 5oz BM @ DC, 11:30 - 12ish lunch 2pm 5oz BM @ DC 4pm dinner 6pm BF and 8pm BF to sleep. He usually wakes up to eat  between 12a and 2a also. Hope this helps.
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  • I think it comes down to weight gain and wet diapers. My LO just turned 8 months and has been eating solids 3 times a day for about a month based on pedi recommendation. She STTN and her workday schedule has been: 6:30 nurse, 8:00 fruit, 9:30 5 oz BM, 11:00 veggie, 12:30 5 oz BM, 2:30 5 oz BM, 4:00 nurse, 6:00 nurse, 6:30 cereal (2.5 oz BM mixed with oatmeal), 7:45 nurse to sleep. I routinely get 5 oz when I pump so I'm confident that is what she gets when she nurses. That puts her at 7 feedings of 5 oz each totaling 35 oz....plus solids. My LO is 95%ile for height and 75%ile for weight....so I don't think she's being overfed. Different babies have different activity levels, different metabolisms, etc. As long as your LO is taking in the 24 oz of BM each day, I think you're fine, but check with your pedi. Are you using BM in your cereal...because that counts towards daily intake too!

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  • Since we've been upping her solids since my last post, she's started to cut back more on the milk. She's drinking 8 ounces while I'm at work,eating a decent sized breakfast and small lunch.  She's still getting at least 3 complete breastfeeds when i'm home, plus a decent sized supper.  Although I know breastmilk should be primary, I'm glad to see it scaled back a bit more.  I was really having trouble producing that much!!!  My daughter is being taken care of by grandma and daddy, so I just have to tell them a routine/scheudle that will work and they're usually game to give it a try. 


  • Your baby is being severely overfed at daycare.  I think in this case, it's ok to cutback on breastmilk before a year, because your LO shouldn't need more than 12-15 ounces of BM while you are at work -- 24 ounces in 8 hours is an entire day's worth of breastmilk.  I would have serious discussions with your DCP about how they are overfeeding your LO, and never send more than 5 ounce bottles for a BF baby.

    At 7 months, that's a LOT of solid foods. Her main nutrition should still be from breastmilk until she is 1 year old. 
    Some babies do take larger bottles. My LO is not quite 6 months and she takes two 7 or 8 oz bottles at daycare and nurses in the AM and PM. All babies are different.

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