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Muscle Tear

 I have been having pain just above belly button on left side about the size of a 2"x4".  I thought originally it was some kind of tear or uterine related.  I cannot sneeze, cough, laugh, gag without pain, it gets worse throughout the day.  I thought maybe I was just over doing it.  I was so freaked out. My OB told me to check with my primary doctor just to be sure and it was confirmed that it's a tear.  Besides Tylenol, ice and rest, not much I can do.. It brings me to tears by the afternoon/end of day.

Just wondering if anyone has gone through this before, I am a little scared because I am trying for a VBAC this time, and am afraid  I will injure myself further.  
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Re: Muscle Tear

  • Yes, i had a torn/pulled (not sure which) muscle around 26 weeks. It took about a month to heal, but it was only abdominal muscle and had no impact on anything besides comfort. Yours is the same, right?
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  • I really hope mine heals before, It's been 2 months now.  Ive been trying to do more research since I found out what it was. Thanks for the reply. 
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