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Possible MPSI - how long for mucuous stools to go away?

Hi all -- I have been lurking the MPSI threads here and wanted to ask about others experiences. I have a 7 week old daughter -- a little over two weeks ago she started having blood in her stools and they became green and very mucuousy. We went to the pedi and pedi immediately said milk protein allergy. For the last two and a half weeks I have avoided all dairy, including hidden dairy, and have cut back on soy. The blood in her stools was always small specks, and only occasionally, but I haven't seen any blood now in several days. Her stools have turned dark green and are very seedy and somewhat thick -- much less mucuousy but definitely worse sometimes than others.

My question is -- for those that have been able to continue breastfeeding with MPSI, did your children's stools return to normal, yellow breastfed stools? If so, how long? Did they get better gradually or overnight? Basically I'm trying to figure out if she is getting better slowly, or if she might be allergic to something else. Thanks!!

Re: Possible MPSI - how long for mucuous stools to go away?

  • My DD is on Puramino formula, and it took about 3 days for her poop to get thicker. It's still greenish after 3 weeks on this formula, but she is eating much better and is much happie so it might just stay that color. I know you are breast feeding, but I wanted to share our experience.
  • It took about 5 weeks for all of DD2's symptoms to clear up once I stopped eating dairy and soy. It definitely was gradual, not an overnight change. Her poop did go back to regular mustard looking poop.

    Nearly half of babies who are milk protein intolerant are also soy protein intolerant. So if LO's poop doesn't return to normal in another two weeks, I'd completely cut out soy as well. It does take time for the dairy protein to clear your system and LO's system. It sounds like things are moving in the right direction.
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