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Atlanta midwife/ water birth hospital recommendations, VBAC

Ok Mommas, here's the deal, I need some help. I am expecting my second little one July 31. I want a VBAC, my first ob/gyn has of course already told me the "fabulous risks". I had my first son at Northside, which was good since I got a touch of Group B Strep (had the test done 2 times at old ob and they still missed it!). I'm just looking for something more natural this time. I want a water birth, after extensive research I see that North Fulton Regional and Atlanta Medical Center are the only options in Atlanta, I'm just having a hard time deciding on a midwife practice. I have seen many good reviews on Atlanta Midwifery and Intown Midwifery. So I need opinions and experiences please. T.Y.I.A.

Re: Atlanta midwife/ water birth hospital recommendations, VBAC

  • I have several friends that just had water births at AMC this past summer and they all raved about how amazing it was.  They are all patients of Intown Midwifery and I have never heard anything but fantastic reviews of the practice.  I probably have about 6 or 8 close friends who have birthed through them and all had a wonderful experience.
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  • Great! Thank you!
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  • I had an amazing VBAC with Intown Midwifery at AMC. Can't recommend them enough!
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  • Yep, those are your only two options for waterbirth.  I delivered my first baby at N. Fulton and loved the hospital and the staff.  The midwife I saw is no longer in practice there, so I can't comment too much on that.  This time I'm using Intown because N. Fulton is too far away.  I've been happy with the practice so far, and Dr. Bootstaylor is pretty incredible.  
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  • I thought about this later, but there is an Atlanta ICAN network that has an online forum and monthly meetings - just wanted to share in case you weren't already familiar with it. 

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  • Thank you so much! The more I think about it, the more excited I get and thanks for the link!
  • I used Intown Midwifery and AMC.  I LOVED Intown Midwifery and was fortunate enough to have Margaret deliver our son.  She was incredible!!  I was not impressed with most of the nurses at AMC though.  They didn't get the birthing tub ready despite me being at the hospital for four hours before delivering and my birth plan clearly stating a water birth and waited too long to administer meds for group B strep so I only got a partial dose.  We also had other issues post delivery but I won't get into them all.  As much as I loved Intown Miwifery and everyone there, I don't think I would deliver at AMC again.
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  • I delivered at North Fulton. I was planning a water birth, but ended up with an emergency c-section after a failed BPP. I was incredibly pleased with my care and the nurses were fabulous. The on-call doc did my c-section bc it was Christmas and he was really really good. I am 7 weeks pregnant and plan on attempting a vbac there again. I worked with Kim and loved her.
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  • So I figured out my insurance will cover Intown but not Atlanta midwifery so I guess that settles that. :-) Thanks for the input ladies, def makes me confident in my choices!
  • I just heard Atlanta Midwifery no longer exists. Intown is awesome!
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