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Pooping is now my wish for Christmas...

This is my second pregnancy, first one was a missed miscarriage and had dealt with hyperemesis and severe constipation. I'm @ 7 weeks today and already feeling the wrath of constipation. Its been three days and i know its not about to get better if i dont do something. What on earth will make me move?! I'm dealing with pretty bad MS all day every day so foods are hard for me to think about and even the thought of water is chokie. Are there ANY laxatives that are safe??

Re: Pooping is now my wish for Christmas...

  • Fiber will be your best friend. Try Benefiber; it's tasteless and can be added to food or drink
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  • LOTS and LOTS of water.  Congrats on your pregnancy!  :)
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  • I have this same issue (I am 8 weeks).  After 7 days with no poop I ended up doing a fleet enema to clear things up.  Now I eat a lot of fiber/water and started Miralax until things were moving regularly. I am weaning off of the miralax now. I also started Natural Calm (a magnesium citrate drink) that is supposed to help with constipation, anxiety, and sleep issues.
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