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Need OB Referral (supportive of natural birth)

After giving birth to my son in March, I am looking for a new OB. I'm hoping someone on here can refer me to a St. Louis OB who is very supportive of natural childbirth. 

I had concerns about my current OB from about halfway through my pregnancy on, but we talked and I thought we had worked it out. Unfortunately when it came time to deliver, he was a bit of a nightmare. He actually yelled at me because I was crying too loud. Ugh.

Anyways, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 

Re: Need OB Referral (supportive of natural birth)

  • First, I would suggest narrowing down a location and hospital preference, if any, as there are lots of us here to give suggestions!

    Secondly, I go to (at MOBAP) and while I've only been for well-woman exams, the office and staff I have interacted with thus far were fantastic.  I have only seen the NP, though, so not sure about the docs.

    Hope this helps!

  • Dr. Jerome Sachar, 314 432 8181. He delivers at Missouri Baptist. He deliverd my DS2, my friend's DS, my friend's DD and one of my friends.My friend's and I have all wanted completely different types of births and he has been supportive of all of our wishes. He was never late for any of my appointments and he attends all of his deliverys. Missouri Baptist is also a very Doula Friendly hospital.
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  • Thank you for the recommendations. My current doctor is at St. John's, but I'm pretty open to anywhere central. I will check out the doctors you recommended at Mo Bap. I've heard good things in general about Mo Bap, although I was happy at St. John's too.
  • I've deliverd at both St. John's and MoBap and I had very different experiences. I would only go to St. John's if you are very high risk. St. John's seem to be very rigid on their policies. Even if a perfectly healthy delivery your baby is seperated from you an hour after birth. My lactation consaultant didn't offer to help me with a latch, only gave me papers that talked about breastfeeding. They were also insistant that the pedi see the baby in the nursery. Mo Bap was very flexible with everything. The baby wont leave you unless there is a medical problem. The pedi saw the baby  in my room. They didn't even ask for him to come to the nursery. All lactation consaultants at Mo Bap have helped a woman breastfeed before. Not all at St. John's have. All of the staff at Mo Bap were very friendly and seemed happy to be there including the people who took out the trash. I delt with some very rude nurses at Saint Johns. At Mo Bap mom and baby have one nurse. At Saint Johns you each have a nurse which means someone comes in your room twice as often. The only way that St. Johns was better than Mo Bap was that their rooms were a little bigger and they had hairdryers.
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  • I'll happily email you a list of my recommended providers (all NCB supporters). There are quite a few fantastic ones in town. email me: briana @ stlouisdoula . net (remove the spaces)

  • I am due in 8 weeks and my OB is Dr. Holly Kodner with Balanced Care for Women an all-women practice.  I have been very happy with the practice so far.  They deliver at either St. John's or MOBAP.  They are supportive of Natural Child Birth although they do not support the Bradley Method. 

    My husband and I adopted our first son after 4 years of not being able to conceive.  My former OB was a man and although good at his job, I didn't feel he was aware or supportive of the emotional part of my care.  I feel that Dr. Kodner understands other implications of care for a woman.  I would recommend her to anyone.  Good Luck!

  • My OB is out of South County and worth the 30 minutes drive. His name is Dr. Chadwick Caudill. He is absolutly fantastic! Good luck!
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     She just broke from her group and has started her own practice, and therefore she is even more super accessible than ever! 

     Her new office is at St. Luke's.  She is also the House Doc at St. Clares on Mondays... so she delivers at lukes, st. johns, MOBAP, and St. Clares!  Whatever is best for you!

    i am a challenging patient!  and she was/is more than patient with me.  I have been going to her for a couple years and took great care through my first successful pregnancy!  and now hopefully through a second!  she is just great! 

     So you probably need her name!  Julie Gould!  her # is 314-205-6788 again, she is at St. Luke's!

     Good luck to you!

  • Schoela315  I have my first appointment at Balanced Care for Women on Monday and I will be seeing Dr Kodner as well. Are you going to deliver at St. John's or MOBap? I would love to hear about your experience with the practice. Email me anytime CrystalandDean at hotmail dot com

  • I delivered my daughter 6 months ago at MoBap and had a totally med free birth (which you can read about on my blog).  I don't have enough good things to say about the hospital, their support of my wishes, the wonderful staff, out of this world lactation consultants, etc.

     Also, many of the doulas I've spoken with say MoBap is their favorite hospital to deliver at - for good reason.  I felt no pressure whatsoever to do anything I wasn't comfortable with and I felt totally supported by everyone I came in contact with.  My Dr. obviously delivers there (PM coming your way with the info) and IMHO, the hospital is just as important in your choice as your OB.  I mean, you spend most of that laboring time with the nursing staff anyway.  And, let me tell you, my delivery nurse was phenomenal!!
  • Thank you all for your recommendations! I'm excited to see that there were some women doctors recommended. I never thought this was a big deal before, but I'm hoping a female doctor will be more empathetic.
  • I absolutely adore my OB, and all the OBs in her practice (which is critical, because you never know who's on call). I see that you prefer a female OB (I'm the same way), and wanted to let you know all the OBs in her practice are women.

    Here's her info: Dr Gladys Tse

    She?s supposed to be one of the best OBs in STL, and was extremely supportive of a natural birth. I won?t go into all the details of my L&D, because it was insane; but she was awesome. She was thrilled that I had a doula and worked wonderfully with her (Colleen Stratton if you are interested, she rocks). Barnes was very NCB friendly, that?s the only hospital she delivers at.


  • I just had my baby in July and my OB was Dr. Holly Kodner of Balanced Care for Women.  We had a natural birth and Dr. Kodner was supportive of  us throughout the pregnancy.  Although the literature that BCforW gives you says that they are not supportive of the Bradley Method, my husband and I did attend Bradley classes and spoke openly with Dr. Kodner about this.  I would highly recommend delivering at MoBap as they were extremely supportive of our birth plan.  Good luck!

  • Could you send me a link to your blog? I am about to start our first round of IVF but an trying desperately to find a dr or midwife to delivery at MoBap.
  • Dr. Gosser in South County delivers at St. Anthony, St. Claire, and MOBAP. He is very well known in the natural birth community as being supportive.
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