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Ten Things Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Please share with us 10 things, any 10 things, that are on your mind today :)

Me - 30, My wife - 31 , Together for 10 yrs - Married August 2012

5 medicated IUIs w/ RE (March - July 2013) = BFN

Fresh IVF Cycle in September 2013 resulted in 18 mature eggs, 16 fertilized, 12 made it to day 5. Transfer of 2 Grade A blastocysts on 9/15/13, and 10 embryos in the freezer!


     *****BFP on 9/25/13 - betas: @10dp5dt = 232; @12dp5dt = 465; @15dp5dt = 1,581


*********William George born June 4, 2014*********

Re: Ten Things Tuesday!

  • KH826KH826 member
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    1. I am 20 weeks today! 1/2 way there! :)

    2. I am feeling happy this morning and not anxious. I am going to try my best to hold onto this feeling all day.

    3. So, I posted about this in my pregnancy check-in yesterday, but I had some swelling in my left ankle and foot at the end of last week. It resolved over the weekend, but ended up coming back yesterday when I was at work. I called my OB's office and spoke with a nurse who reviewed my chart and spoke with me for about 10 minutes and was super reassuring and gave me some great tips for relieving the swelling. She also told me that what I was describing to her sounded very much "normal" for my stage of pregnancy and the amount of time I had been on my feet (in heels - I know, stupid move). Anyway, long story short, my OB called me herself this morning to check on me and reassure me and tell me that I can call her anytime. She also feels that the swelling is not anything to be super alarmed about at this point, but told me what to watch for that would warrant an office visit. I feel loads better!

    4. My mother-in-law is going to come stay with us this weekend and we are going to go shopping for baby things. I am very excited, especially b/c we should *hopefully* know the sex of this little one by then!

    5. My wife is making dinner tonight. She has been trying to cook more, and it is much appreciated. Last week she made dinner twice, I made dinner three times, and we did easy, ready made stuff two nights. Not a horrible split in my opinion. Last night I made salmon that was super yummy -- tonight she is making this vegetable bake with panko bread crumbs that is also usually yummy. Looking forward to it!

    6. It has been a busy several days at work recently, but tomorrow and Thursday are going to be super quiet since almost 1/2 of my coworkers are going to a conference in Miami. I will be happily holding down the fort here. I am looking forward to some quiet productivity and maybe rewarding myself with an early-ish dismissal.

    7. It is currently 9am, and I am already looking forward to lunch. This seems to be a new trend for me. I am just always totally starving in the morning no matter what I do.

    8. I am oddly energized this morning considering that I slept like crap again last night for the 4th night in a row. I can't seem to get comfortable, and I toss and turn all night. I was feeling exhausted in the shower earlier, but now I am feeling perked up. Don't know why, but I am not complaining obviously!

    9. I think after much (too much!) thought, my wife and I have decided not to do a "gender reveal" and just tell people the sex of the baby once we know and feel ready to share. My wife really liked the idea of doing "something special," but then every idea we came up with seemed corny, over-done, just not us, or too hard to pull off. I think our baby is special enough as it is, and we don't have to make an event out of it. We are just very excited to know! Hopefully tomorrow we will!

    10. We took a 20 week bump pic this AM (attached). I am trying very hard to embrace my pregnancy (and just larger in general!) body. I shall not criticize this photo or myself. I shall not!

    Me - 30, My wife - 31 , Together for 10 yrs - Married August 2012

    5 medicated IUIs w/ RE (March - July 2013) = BFN

    Fresh IVF Cycle in September 2013 resulted in 18 mature eggs, 16 fertilized, 12 made it to day 5. Transfer of 2 Grade A blastocysts on 9/15/13, and 10 embryos in the freezer!


         *****BFP on 9/25/13 - betas: @10dp5dt = 232; @12dp5dt = 465; @15dp5dt = 1,581


    *********William George born June 4, 2014*********

    ATXmommas[Deleted User]JGYStacyLH24
  • 1. We watched the movie "Blackfish" last night and it was heart breaking. I cried throughout the movie. DW and I are both in agreement that our child will never see a circus, go to the zoo, or go to a place like Sea World. We will bring our child to the nature center where they have rescued and rehabilitated all kind of animals; we will take our child on a cruise to see the whales and dolphins; and our child will know all kinds of animals, in a humane way.

    2. Seeing this movie has ignited a fire under me and I think I have finally discovered the passion that I have been looking for: Animals. Now, to find a way to work with animals on a regular basis, while using my law degree. 

    3. I'm finally starting to feel better after the last week of being really sick. I did not fill the prescription for the antibiotic and managed to kick the horrible sinusitis that I was diagnosed with. I still have a pretty wicked cough, and the obgyn listened to my lungs in horror yesterday, but as long as I am going the right direction, I will continue to stay off of the antibiotics. 

    4. I met a new obgyn yesterday and she was wonderful. I made my wife stay home because she had a very long night on duty and is catching a cough as well, but I know she will love this obgyn also. The doc took over an hour with me discussing our plan with the RE, my health and everything else. She was excellent and I have a feeling that we will stick with her when I get pregnant. 

    5. I have officially lost 10 pounds since last month. I am elated. 

    6. As I said in my check-in, all of my blood work came back normal, except for my A1c. My A1c was a little high, but it tracks the last 3 months....October, November and December. Who wouldn't have a high A1c after those 3 months? :) Regardless, I'm not at all concerned.

    7. I have my sonohysterogram tomorrow afternoon and hope things go smoothly. Like @trisholio, I'm not planning on taking the antibiotic for this test, either. I am taking a lot of vitamins as well as home made probiotics. 

    8. DW and I are talking about wills and life insurance. It is a scary topic, but we have to do it. We already have living wills and power of attorney documents, but we need to have everything else done because if something happens to me, she literally has no say and gets nothing. That is not okay. 

    9. We are hoping that the hearing in February will overturn Michigan's ban on marriage. Fingers are crossed. 

    10. The sun is shining here after getting almost 20" of snow. A lot of snow has melted and the temps are finally in the mid 30's. It's gorgeous outside!

    TTC our first. Married to, and madly in love with, my beautiful wife. Living with our fur baby and enjoying 19 nieces and nephews. 
    • DW and I have been tracking, preparing, getting medical testing since January 2013.
    • First Cycle: Unmedicated ICI w/ Donor Sperm 08/02/13: BFN
    • Second Cycle: Unmedicated ICI w/ Donor Sperm 09/11/13, 09/13/13, 09/15/13: BFN
    • Third Cycle: Unmedicated ICI w/ Donor Sperm: 10/13/13, 10/15/13, 10/17/13, 10/21/13: BFN
    • January 2014: Sonohysterogram shows excellent lining & tubes have no blockages
    • Fourth Cycle:  Monitored clomid cycle  w/ ICI's at home: 1/24/14 and 1/25/14. Ovulation verified:  BFN
    • Fifth Cycle: 02/2014 Femara 5mg with ovidrel trigger CD14: BFN
    • Taking a few months off to evaluate if we want to keep trying

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  • @KH826 - Congrats on 20 weeks!

    1. For the past couple nights, LO has been waking up 3 times.  The third time is around 5:00am, so I count it as a third because I'm not ready to get up yet - if he wakes up at 6:00am, I'm fine to wake up for the day.  Thankfully, Z will get up with him when he's done eating if he doesn't want to go back to sleep so I can get a little extra rest.

    2. Random tidbit - I was reading on the Cloth Diapering thread yesterday that EBF babies' poop isn't stinky.  I had always heard that, but my EBF baby's toots and poops are very stinky!

    3. So, I haven't mentioned this on this board yet, but I'm struggling just a teensy bit with my post-pregnancy body.  I gained 27lbs during pregnancy and am currently 9lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight.  Ideally, I would love to lose 7 more pounds.  However, I have learned recently that BF mothers typically don't lose the last of the weight until they stop BF.  I had never heard that before; I had only heard that BF helps drop the weight quickly.  With some of the struggles I've had BF, I'm trying to embrace the extra weight as it is necessary to keep producing high quality milk for my baby.  Just sucks that I have to buy new clothes because I can't fit into my old pants. :(  I was fortunate to find some high end jeans for pretty cheap at a consignment store recently.  I'll have to think about work clothes before too long.

    4. I haven't really been exercising yet and need to get into some routine, which is kinda tough.  I'm meeting my new mom friend this afternoon for a walk and I'm going to try and make it to yoga this week.

    5. I love getting out of the house with my LO.  It took about 6 weeks for me to figure things out enough to be able to get out of the house without feeling completely overwhelmed.  I even went grocery shopping yesterday!  I think it's the first time I've been in months since Z took over that task sometime during the third trimester.

    6. Also, I've been cooking lately!  We signed up to receive a winter veggie share from a local farm and I've been using the new cookbook I received for Christmas to use them.  Yumm.

    7. This article - Timeline of a Breastfed Baby - is a good read for any BF moms or parents-to-be who plan to BF.  This quote was especially good for me to read this week as Ash has been pretty fussy lately - "Young babies, both breast and formula fed, are often fussy. This fussiness starts at around 1-3 weeks, peaks at around 6-8 weeks and is gone by 3-4 months. "They want to be 'in arms' or at the breast very frequently and fuss even though you attempt to calm them. They often seem 'unsatisfied' with their feedings and even seem to reject or cry at the breast" (Mother to Mother). It is not unusual for fussiness to happen during the late afternoon and evenings, and is usually NOT due to hunger, wet/dirty nappy, or anything that you can remedy. It is usually NOT related to milk supply, although some mothers worry about this."  

    8. I've been hearing about some stuff going on at work from some coworkers and it makes me dread going back to work a little bit.  I mean, I am dreading dropping my baby off at day care, but I wasn't necessarily dreading going back to work per se.  Ah, well.

    9. We have a baby visit with our RE tomorrow.  I think that will be fun!  

    10.  Am I a bad person because I'm annoyed that my recorded episode of Downton Abbey was interrupted by a child abduction alert?  I think it does.  :(
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    [Deleted User]JGYJazibel
  • 1. We watched the movie "Blackfish" last night and it was heart breaking. I cried throughout the movie. DW and I are both in agreement that our child will never see a circus, go to the zoo, or go to a place like Sea World. We will bring our child to the nature center where they have rescued and rehabilitated all kind of animals; we will take our child on a cruise to see the whales and dolphins; and our child will know all kinds of animals, in a humane way.
    I tried watching Blackfish during a middle of the night feeding recently and couldn't do it.  I had to turn it off after just a few minutes.  I don't like being sad/tense while I'm nursing.  So tragic.  And, I agree with you 100% about zoos and circuses, etc.  We'll have to find different ways to expose LO to all the wonderful animals.
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    [Deleted User]GoaliesWife123
  • 1. I have a strange overly empathetic connection with animals 2. Last night I panicked bcuz I'm afraid of my dog becoming depressed if I ever have a baby :( 3. It is currently raining and I have 19 five year olds who wish to play outside today. 4. I have not had enough coffee! 5. The wait to test is both long and nerve racking ( see #2) 6. I just found out there are 4 other teachers pregnant in my building. 7. I have been having crazy dreams and actually end up waking up my wife from yelling 8. Hearing my 3 year old nephew tell me "adios" as he left my house last night put a smile on my face. I do not speak Spanish but seem to always say it to my brother when he leaves my house. 9. My wife tells me I need to go to therapy because of my obsession with electronic products. 10. Although it's exhausting, stressful and tests my patience daily; I love my job and the children I have the opportunity to work with.
                  Me: 34. DW: 35 
                Together 12 years- celebrating 8 years legally married on Feb 9th 2014! 
     TTC #1 using at home insemination 
     Started in Oct 2011 on and off for a year; consistently for the past year 
     Soy Isoflavones used last 3 cycles 
     Using a healthy, fertile friend as a donor 

     We have 5 fur babies we call kids ( 3 dogs & 2 cats) and 6 chickens. I am trying to add a tea cup pig to our family as well but my DW is afraid I will think it looks lonely sleeping elsewhere and invite it into our bed which already has 3 dogs. Trying to Conceive Ticker
  • 1. Toronto's parks are all an icy mess. We've had several above freezing days in a row, which has melted all of the snow. But with temperatures dropping a bit at night, the ice that was underneath the snow stays frozen and a smooth layer is added to the top from the frozen snow. This makes taking the dog out very difficut.

    2. Day 2 of lupron. 6 more Birth control pills and then I get to wait for my period. Then we get to start stimming!

    3. Yesterday I swam laps at our pool for 30 minutes. Well it was a combo of swimming, and using the kickboarding, and floating on my back and kicking myself across the pool, because I'm not yet a good enough swimmer or in good enough shape to just front stroke the whole 30 minutes. But it felt really good.

    4. I also did 15 minutes of weight lifting on the combo weightlifting machine thing in our building's small gym. I'm a bit sore today. :)

    5. My college's alumni magazine is doing a story about the 40th anniversary of the school as a Division 3 school. They're going to talk about 40 athletes over those 40 years and I'm one of them. I feel honored. I am talking to the guy doing the story in 6 minutes.

    6. I really love avocados.

    7. I have to finish marking my students' midterm exams (it's a full-year course, so they took the midterms right before winter break).

    8. Last night @Manada and I went to see "Saving Mr Banks." I really enjoyed it, although it was much more dramatic and less whimsical than I was expecting, when I found out that it was about Mary Poppins. I thought it was quite fabulous, though. M liked it but not as much as I did.

    9. I brought my own popcorn to the movies last night. This was less about saving money and more about controlling my portions and being able to have air-popped popcorn instead of oil popped (although I do love movie theater popcorn).

    10. I'm very much a rules-follower, but I will bring my own snacks to the movies. I'm just always afraid of being caught, so I usually make M carry the bag since I'm a bad liar. Also, I don't feel bad about it because M and I still manage to spend a large amount of money of movie concessions.
    ****loss discussed*****

    We're queer. I'm 33, have severe stage 4 endo, and had both fallopian tubes removed. My love ("Manada" on the boards, 32) was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. We did Partner IVF (my eggs, her uterus). We lost our twins Tavin and Casey at 21 weeks gestation.

    Our IUIs
    with @Manada: IUI# 1-7 (December 2012- September 2013) all BFN. Tried natural, femara, clomid, puregon/follistim, clomid and menopur combo, both the ovidrel and HCG triggers.

    Our IVFs:
    IVF #1 my eggs November/December 2013: Cancelled IVF due to poor response

    IVF #2 my eggs/Manada's uterus January/February 2014
    BCPs and lupron overlap Stimmed: 1/22-2/2: Bravelle and Menopur (dosage ranged from B300 and M150 to B375 and M150 to B300 and M225)
    2/4 retrieved 10 eggs. Endo was much worse than expected. Only 3 eggs fertilized; February 7 transferred two day 3 embryos, froze one. All great condition.
    BFP eve of 6dp3dt; Beta 1 (11dp3dt): 110; Beta 2 (13dp3dt): 175; Beta 3 (15dp3dt): 348; Beta 4 (19dp3dt): 2222; Beta 5 (21dp3dt): 4255
    1st ultrasound (3/6  6w 1d): TWINS!!!! Twin A measuring 6w1d with a heartbeat of 118bpm. Twin B measuring 6w0d with a heartbeat of 113bpm. 

    ***July 18, 2014 we lost our beautiful babies at 21 weeks gestation. They were born too early. Tavin Sara T. and Casey Elizabeth T. are beautiful and precious and we will love them and miss them forever.***

    FET #1 December 2014
    Intralipid infusion on Dec 10. Transfer of 1 day 3 nine-cell embryo into my uterus on Dec. 19. (acupuncture immediately before and after)
    BFP on Dec. 27; Beta 1 Jan 2 (14dp3dt): 665, Beta 2 Jan 4 (16dp3dt): 1859, Beta 3 Jan 6 (18dp3dt): 4449, Beta 4 Jan 10 (22dp3dt): 12,251.

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  • @ATXmommas can you post the link for timeline of a breast fed baby? Is it the alpha parent one? That is what I found when I googled... Also, EBF and stinky poos... Have you ever changed the diaper of a formula fed baby? It is WAY worse :-)
    Here it is - https://www.thealphaparent.com/2011/12/timeline-of-breastfed-baby.html?m=1.   I thought I embedded it.  Oh well!  And, no, I guess I haven't changed a formula fed baby's diaper recently enough to remember!  At least Ash is so cute that even his stinky toots are cute and we celebrate every poo!  I never understood why parents talked about poo so much before!  Ha. :)
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • 1. Work is busy and I want to research baby stuff.

    2. I have this fantasy that my Mat21 results will come back EARLY and they will call me today with them. Ha ha. Tomorrow is probably the earliest I can hope for.

    3. My wife and I have a date tomorrow night --dinner and a show! I'm excited. I hope we don't fall asleep during the show.

    4. We also took Thursday off because she had to use up a floating holiday and I wanted to get some extra time with her (and sleep in after our night out). I had planned to visit daycare facilities but I didn't really get on top of that in time. I will be going to the orthopedist, which is not really how I'd planned to use my time off. At least it should be a short appointment.

    5. @KH826, I agree about gender reveals -- it's not us, either. (It also kind of drives me crazy that the term for them is "gender reveal" when you are revealing the sex, not the gender. But I can also understand how people might get nervous if you told them about your "sex reveal"!) We will know our baby's sex when we announce the pregnancy, since we're waiting for Mat21 results, so it will be part of our announcement but not the focus.

    6. Not that I know exactly how we'll be announcing. I've had some ideas but nothing has really stuck. I don't want to be too cutesy (also not us) but I also want to do something a little bit memorable. We've waited a long time to be able to do this and I want it to be kind of special!

    7. This weekend I took all the clothes out of my dresser, closet and "fat clothes" stash (from before and during my weight loss), tried on everything that was questionable, packed up all the too-small or too-big clothes in bins organized by size, and put them in the attic. I did end up finding a few pairs of work pants that I can use until I cave and buy maternity pants and a stash of bigger bras that I had forgotten about (that was a goldmine). My closet is virtually empty and my dresser is about half empty, but at least I can see what I really have and what I need to buy when I start buying. It feels good to be organized!

    8. Alright, I think I've run out of things to say and I need to get back to work. This will have to be Eight Things Tuesday for me!
    Married my wife 8/2007 ~ TTC #1 since 7/2011
    9 IUIs = 9 BFNs
    IVF October 2012: 22 eggs retrieved, 17 fertilized, 5 frozen
    ET #1: 1 blast = BFP; Blighted ovum discovered at 7w5d; D&E
    FET #1: 1 blast = BFP; Missed m/c discovered at 9w5d; D&E
    Karyotyping: normal ~ RPL Testing: normal ~ Hysteroscopy: normal
    FET #2: 1 blast transferred 10/25; BFP 10/31!
    EDD 7/13/14 ~ Induced at 37w4d due to pre-eclampsia ~ Born on 6/28/14
    *Everyone welcome*

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  • 1. I am hoping to complete this TTT before the boys wake up from their nap, they have been napping for 2 hours and 15 minutes, so no promises.

    2. My sister has been coming over in the mornings to help me adjust to having two infants and the feeding, sleeping schedule.  I love our temporary placement and I wish we had him full time.  He and my wife just adore one another!

    3. I am 7 weeks pregnant today!  Everyday is seriously an accomplishment.  I don't want to rush it but I really wish I was past 12 weeks already!

    4. I slipped this morning getting in the shower and bashed my leg on the side of the tub.  I have a huge swollen bruise on the inside of my left calf.  It seriously hurts so bad, but I don't have a choice to prop it up today, I have to hobble around on it and keep up with two 9 month old boys.

    5. Last Friday was the birthday of the mom (and friend) that I babysit her little boy full time.  I woke up Saturday morning to pictures on facebook of her and some of our mutual friends out having a good time.  We weren't even so much as invited.  I sent her a text and asked her about it her response was "you are pregnant and most pregnant women don't want to go hang out in bars.  oh and get used to it, you have 9 more months of not being included in everything"  Needless to say I was pretty pissed and I am not sure how to handle it.    I understand that we aren't going to have the same social life as before, but I didn't expect the friends we have (that do have kids) to blow us off so early :-(

    6. I am back to working 12 hours days babysitting and so far so good.  As long as I can get the boys to nap at the same time I can get in a good 2 hour nap each day, I am good :-)  I think this is only going to last another week, then back to normal hours again.

    7. We are doing a fun pregnancy announcement on facebook and in my spare time I am working on the slideshow and pictures.  I am super excited about it.  We aren't posting it for a few more weeks, but I think we are going to end up jumping the gun and announcing around 10 weeks.  

    8. The last two days I can't get enough milk (with a tiny bit of chocolate syrup) and orange juice.  We are currently out of both and I am making my wife go to the store after work :-)

    9. I feel bad for our dogs right now.  Since watching the two little boys I have our living room separated with baby gates, so they can't get out.  The living room is pretty much baby proof, so I keep them contained in here.  But the room isn't exactly big enough for two babies and two dogs.  I find myself yelling at the dogs all the time to move, so I have started putting them on the other side of the gate so they can access to their food and water.  Plus this way the babies aren't crawling on them, pulling at them and bothering them all the time (though they don't mind)  This is just how it is going to be for awhile because it is the easiest for me and safest for the babies.  But as soon as the babies leave the dogs have free reign of the house (except the bedrooms)

    GoaliesWife123 good luck at your sonohysterogram tomorrow.  
    KH826  I know being different sizes and weights is all relative to the person, but I think you look great!  Try not to beat yourself up too much :-)

    ATXmommas  "Am I a bad person because I'm annoyed that my recorded episode of Downton Abbey was interrupted by a child abduction alert?  I think it does.  :( "
    this made me laugh.  we all have moments like this, don't beat yourself up too much 

    T & G My wife and I married 9/10/11 in Niagara Falls, NY
    HSG 12/12/12        
    #1 ICI 12/15/12              BFN on 12/29/12
    #2 ICI  1/11/13                BFN 1/28/13                       
    #3 ICI 2/11/13                 BFN
    #4 ICI August 2013,  Clomid 100mg    BFN on 8/30/13 
    #5 ICI September-Clomid 100,  mg ICI 8/15 and 8/16,  BFN on 9/3
    #6 ICI October-Clomid 150 mg for 5 days   BFN 10/27
    uterine laparoscopy on 11/14-no endo or cysts
    #7 IUI December-Clomid 150mg    BFP 12/21
    12/23 Beta 51     12/26 Beta 209!
    First ultrasound on January 8th 2014-great healthy heartbeat
    Second Ultrasound January 23 (8 weeks) we got to see and hear the heartbeat
    Third Ultrasound Feb 4th(10 weeks), then will  released to OBGYN'
    It's a GIRL!
    We welcomed Adalyn Cooper Elizabeth on 8/29/14
    She was 7lbs 11oz and 19.6 inches long

    Proud foster parents to two little girls ages 2.5 yrs old, M,  and 1 year old, K

  • JGYJGY member

    @stringy813 - Get out of my head.  2-4 is pretty much exactly what I would have written had I gotten to TTT before you.

    1.  There is a lot on this thread that I would like to respond to or ask questions about.  I'll see how long it takes me to get through my 10 before I begin that process.

    2.  We had another hard night last night.  But S took Gabe to the Dr. yesterday afternoon to confirm what we already knew (another double ear infection) so at least we have some meds and there's light at the end of this particular sleepless tunnel.  I'm hoping tonight is a good one.

    3.  Last night S heard the commotion of Gabe being up for a while around 3, and came upstairs and took him from me (this is only unusual because overnights are usually my deal - S gets such little sleep as it is and has crazy work hours, and also I tend to nurse him as much as I can when he's up in the hope that it will put him back down).  I SO appreciated the break but still wasn't able to utilize the time as well as I would have liked for sleep.  I was a bit on edge, mostly because of a feeling of responsibility. 

    4.  I'm behind on literally EVERYTHING.  I haven't even been able to get to the very few thank you notes that I need to complete from X-mas.  1 in particular is to an employee of my parents, who was incredibly generous to Gabe.  I feel awful about it.  If Gabe goes down at a normal time tonight, that is the FIRST thing I am doing!

    5.  We have Supper Club on Saturday.  While I love it, and we take Gabe with us and just put him down there when he's ready for sleep, I'm still wondering if we're going to be able to get our dishes made.  Here's hoping for a good nap on Saturday morning after swimming lessons.

    6.  How is it humanly possible that with how incredibly overwhelmed I feel these days, and also with the firm knowledge that we have agreed we are one and done, that I still read everyone's posts and see their pictures of their littles and think "Man, I really kind of want another one"??? @themommymonster, I think you mentioned something like this too.

    7.  I am normally a very healthy eater.  I have eaten more CRAP since coming back to work, than I have in my entire life.  What gives?

    8. My choir does 1 concert series per year.  We rehearse for 5 weeks, 1 rehearsal per week.  That's only 5 rehearsals.  This year we are singing in 11 different languages.  We memorize our music.  Is our director insane???  (She's a good friend of mine)  This sleep-deprived Mommy brain is just not capable of that.  Or am I?  I guess we'll find out.

    9.  Is it Friday yet??

    10. Zzzzzzzz.....


    Married to my amazing wife 6/12/10 
    TTC since 6/11
    Unmedicated IUI #1 - 6/28/11 - BFN
    Unmedicated IUI #2 - 7/25/11 - BFN
    Robotic Myomectomy (Fibroid Surgery) - 11/15/11
    Unmedicated IUI #3 - 4/24/12 - BFN 
    Progesterone Supported Leuteal Phase IUI #4 - 6/21/12 - BFP!!
    Baby Boy G Born 3/24/13

    On to #2, are we crazy?
    IUI #1 - 11/28/14 - BFP!  Beta #1 (11DPO) 34, Beta #2 (13DPO) 101, Beta #3 (20DPO) 3043
    Ultrasound at 6w4d shows a single, fluttering heartbeat.  Say hello to Sticky Ricki!



  • 1. I think C has the flu. I made her stay home today to rest. I think I brought it into the house with me last week. I was feeling a bit achey and had chills. I did get a flu shot a few months back so that could be why I haven't gotten the full blown thing.

    2. I finally cleared a pile of papers and odds and ends of my desk this afternoon. There were papers in there from 2012...yikes!

    3. Now I need to go home and organize. Somehow I have a feeling that won't happen.

    4. I counted myself in for CD 1 mistakenly on Friday. I have spotted on and off since then, but no full blown period. I know that is a good thing, but I really want to get this party started again.

    5. I wore one pair of my new pants yesterday. It was so nice to be comfortable again!

    6. I wish I was pregnant so I could more easily justify the weight gain. I have gained 10 pounds since we started TTC in August.

    7. I cleared off the treadmill last week and still have yet to use it.

    8. My Mom suggested doing some yoga. I have in the past and enjoyed it. Just need to get started.

    9. Hello 5 pm!

    10. Now if only it was 5 pm on Friday :)

    Me: 30  DW (aka C): 29

    Together since 2/15/11 ~ Legally married in NY on 9/29/12

    ***CP mentioned***

    We've been working on baby #1 since July 2013 using Open ID donor sperm.  8 IUI attempts with 5 actual IUIs and one chemical pregnancy.  We have one fresh IVF cycle under our belts as well as a FET.  I have endometriosis and a uterine septum that was corrected via surgery in November 2013. 

    11/14/14 -  Second HSG shows that tubes are still clear and ute is looking good. 

    12/6/14 - Started BCPs in prep for IVF #2

    12/22/14 - Saline u/s and endometrial scratch (All was clear and OUCH!)

    1/2/15 - Began stimming for IVF #2

     ****All Welcome!****

    We are Mommas to four fur babies - 3 dogs and 1 cat.


  • 1. I am taking a break from Excel/Powerpoint overload today.
    2. It feels like nap time. Oh wait, it always feels like nap time!
    3. There is a vicious seagull that sits in our backyard and our poor hens are afraid of it and hide in the bushes. I think it is a sadistic bird! It will go away when put the cat out (and he oversees the hens a lot, so they come out b/c Manny makes them feel safe).
    4. Yesterday my smell aversion hit a max, J made bacon and collards and I could not be in the house. I ended up going in the to-be-baby's room, opened all the windows and worked in there freezing all afternoon. Now all meat has to be cooked outside on the grill - I think a reasonable solution even if it is winter.
    5. Tomorrow is our next u/s! Hoping all is well but the m/s has been reassuring.
    6. We announced the sex as part of our FB announcement last pregnancy. But, we had our own little gender reveal together at home. I had the nurse call the sneaker shop after arranging with them to wrap up little black or little pink converse sneakers. I picked them up, waited for J to get home and we "revealed" together in our living room. It was perfect! I think this time we should be able to get results in the same way (or at least a sealed envelope) - so as much as we want this one to be different, J loved our little private reveal so I might do it again. We had a super cranky u/s tech once and we said we did not ever want to risk her being the one to share the exciting news! @KH826 - Facebook has a "life event" section where you can update to say you are expecting a baby boy or girl. And it makes a big deal of it I think too (in terms of putting it in people's feeds). I'm jealous of @trisholio and @ball.and.chain to be announcing! I just can't do it until...well, a good while after our loss milestone. But enough of our close friends know that it's ok. And, I have y'all!
    7. I haven't felt sick all day and I'm choosing to enjoy the break from it vs. worrying.
    8. A friend of mine just shared that she had a 6w miscarriage about two weeks ago and she is really having a hard time. I shared the miscarriage and ttcal bump forums with her. She got pregnant easily, so hopefully she's checked that box and the next one will stick. I hate seeing that suffering though.
    9. Speaking of, I'm off to my counselor today who deals with reproductive issues. I'm kind of excited. I want to feel happier about my lil bun in the oven.
    10. My powerpoint is calling. Sigh.
    Lil'mamaz was born on Aug 21, 2014! She's PERFECT!

    It's been a long road to here...
    Me (43) and J (45) - same sex couple. And we don't feel 40+!
    June'12 - First RE Visit
    Sept. '12 - Tubes removed
    Dec. '12 - Donor Egg/Donor Sperm IVF Cycle - 4 good embies!
    Dec. '12 - Fresh transfer, BFP! EDD 8/29/13
    Mar. '13 - Missed m/c at 16w1d, baby boy stopped growing at 15w4d
    Loss due to umbilical cord clot...baby was perfect. :(
    Jul '13 - FET#1 - c/p
    Sept. '13 - FET#2 - BFN
    Dec.' 2, 2013 - FET#3 with our last chance embie - BFP!!!
    Dec' 26, 2013 - hb!!
    EDD 8/20/14 with a baby girl!
    Little S was born on 8/21/14 - 8lb, 14 oz and 20 inches long.
    We live in Seattle and used SRM for our donor egg IVF cycle


  • 1. Going to squeeze as many things in before Kaden and I run out grocery shopping.

    2. Our playroom has been ransacked by my 1.5 year old!! I'd pip if I could capture all the chaos.

    3. We've decided that I should launch my business again (childcare, events and other birth services (placenta encapsulation & birth tub rentals)). We are living paycheck to paycheck and relying on savings and it's just too stressful and not working. I spent the majority of the morning getting organized and activating the website.

    4. Part if me is very excited and part of me is overwhelmed. Seriously nothing is harder than watching multiple kids everyday (to me). It's so fun but I know what I'm getting myself into ;-)

    5. Kaden just took off downstairs to grab the mop & push it around... Hmmmm maybe he's ready for chores?? JK...

    6. I'm scouting CL too for free or cheap kids stuff both for #2 and any future charges. I love Craigslist so this is kind of fun.

    7. I'm daunted by being prego & watching kids (and how short a break I'll have to take once Owen is born as not to disrupt my clients too much).

    8. I'm meeting with our former midwife & friend tomorrow evening. I can't wait to see her and get some advice on how we can proceed with our birth plans.

    9. It's a beautiful sunny day - hopefully there's time for the park after we go shopping.

    10. I paid a bunch of bills this morning which always feels good - to check things off the list. Maybe there's even enough left over for take out later... ;-)image

  • 1. I was too busy yesterday for the check-ins so I figure I will join in the TTT fun! 
    2. We had our 6 week appt yesterday and first set of shots. :( LO is weighing in at 12 lbs 13 oz and 23" long. 
    3. We think he has some reflux and been comfort feeding to try and soothe his tummy, hence why he is such a tank at 6 weeks. We started Pepcid yesterday for reflux and hopefully that will help him to space out his feeds when he isn't always trying to soothe his tummy.  We shall see, we still were up every 2 hours last night. 
    4. We got out of the house yesterday and today. Yesterday went great since we walked a couple miles to the store. Today we had to drive and he screamed the entire drive home.  It was really hardto focus on driving with him screaming in the backseat. 
    5. L is planning to cut back some work responsibilities to have more time to hang out with us while I am still on leave. 
    6. I need to take down my Christmas tree.... It stopped drinking water a few weeks ago. 
    7. L's birthday is this weekend but we decided to stay home with LO since we aren't comfortable with having a sitter yet. 
    8. I need to think about what we are going to have for dinner. 
    9. I am working on getting LO to take a paci to help space out feeds.... This was at our pediatricians recommendation since my 6 week old is currently in 6 month PJs
    10. I can only get him to take the soothie.... I wish he would take one that is smaller and cuter. ;) He is currently napping in my arms, sucking away on it.... 
    Same sex couple, Married 8/6/11
    Baby Oliver born 11/27/13

    TTC stats with donor sperm...
    IUI #1 with trigger, 1/4/13 - BFN
    IUI #2 with trigger, 2/1/13 BFN
    IUI #3 with tigger, 2/28/12 BFP EDD 11/21/13
  • mwagner25 said:
    2. We had our 6 week appt yesterday and first set of shots. :( LO is weighing in at 12 lbs 13 oz and 23" long. 
    10. I can only get him to take the soothie.... I wish he would take one that is smaller and cuter. ;) He is currently napping in my arms, sucking away on it.... 
    You have a good eater on your hands!  That's great, but I do wish for you to get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time.  That's rough.  How was he after the shots?  Ash gets his next Friday.

    When we first offered pacis, Ash was taking the Dr. Browns.  Then came his hospitalization at 2 weeks, which was when he first received the soothies.  That's all he would take after that, so that's all we give him.  Have you seen the Wubba Nubs?  They make the soothies super cute! 
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • @ATXmommas, he was fussy but I am not sure if it was the shots or lack of good naps that made him fussy. I think it was the lack of naps since he was fussy in the evening not all day. I will check into the Wubba Nubs... Anything to make them a little better. ;)
    Same sex couple, Married 8/6/11
    Baby Oliver born 11/27/13

    TTC stats with donor sperm...
    IUI #1 with trigger, 1/4/13 - BFN
    IUI #2 with trigger, 2/1/13 BFN
    IUI #3 with tigger, 2/28/12 BFP EDD 11/21/13
  • 1. God. Had an anxiety attack as we were out walking the dogs. Not sure why, just did. This sucks b/c I can't even take any of my anxiety medication b/c we are in the TWW.  So over this

    2. At work we are interviewing to replace a legend of a football coach (he has been at our school for 40 years), won 2 state championships, with 5 other visits to the state championship. He is an amazing man, a great leader.  It is a rough position to be in

    3. Our dogs have been wired lately.  Hot weather to cool weather to cold weather (by FL standardsLOL) back to hot weather and now we are back to cool and cold for us.  It's not wonder so many ppl are getting sick and my dogs are just going insane with all the pressure/climate changes.

    4. While I know we won't be perfect parents, being at a school where many students are not so fortunate just reinforces my ideas on discipline

    5. Can anyone please give me the winning lotto numbers? Not asking much LOL

    6. I cut up the veggies for the chicken kabobs my wife is making.  I LOVE them. They are delicious. Cannot wait nom,nom,nom

    7. My parents had to put our cat. He was 15 yrs old, but it is still hard. He was actually the first animal I got to pick out and was my cat, but when I left they didn't want to separate him and my little sister's cat so I lost out.  It is interesting. My sister brought home her kitten, Mergatroid (don't ask), then about 3 weeks later I brought home boots.  We had to let Mergatroid go about 3-4 weeks ago and it was hard. Now...3-4 weeks later we had to let Boots go. It's kinda sweet that the time frames are almost identical. 

    8. I actually just got my parents two other kittens about 2 weeks ago that they love so that eases things. They are adorable. One is about 10 weeks old and all white with brilliant blue eyes (and 3 black smudges on his head)that my dad named Sox and the other is a 1 year old tabby/calico mix named Gretchen. They are sweet

    9.Today is M and I's 3 year anniversary (from when we were officially dating). I cannot believe how lucky I am to have her. She is amazing. We will have been married 2 years in June!

    10 We are looking at going on a cruise during my spring break in March! I am so excited! I love going on cruises. Fingers crossed that we can swing this financially!

    whew! Made it

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    Married to M and proud mothers to Olivia and Elise (8/19/2014) and to our fur-babies: Capone (pitbull), Jax and Atticus (cats)

  • 1. So much work today, which is why I'm joining in so late... one of my clients is gearing up for a big launch which means more work for me. Bring it on. :)

    2. Another of my clients, who makes all-natural skincare products, made me some organic "Vicks Vaporub" when she heard I had a bad cold. Loving it so far. It has wintergreen, peppermint, cinnamon, and pine essential oils, as well as tea tree oil and camphor.

    3. @KH826 - your mention of panko made me giggle. Actually, that word makes me giggle most of the time now. The Japanese word for bread is "pan" and the word "ko" usually means "little" or "child." The other day, I asked Smurf if "panko" was the word for breadcrumb because breadcrumbs are like little bread babies. It earned me an eyeroll but now she can't stop associating panko with bread-babies and neither can I :)

    4. Speaking of Smurf, I think I am going to share the "Non-bio mom" thread with her... as this is one of the things our clinic's social worker asked her to consider before we start treatments.

    5. @Healz413 - a friend of mine also saw that movie recently and complained that Travers' queer identity was completely played down. I said that I had no idea Travers was even queer and that to me, not-knowing is equal to not-mattering. Curious if you also have an opinion, or if you were in the dark like me. :) I haven't seen the movie yet but intend to... I do like Emma Thompson as an actress.

    6. I'm loving hearing about all these milestones people are passing in their pregnancies... I don't really follow the pregnancy check-ins so it's nice to hear about what's happening in the TTTs and GTKYs :)

    7. It was super warm here today! And by super warm, I mean a couple degrees above freezing LOL. I went out for a walk and had to take my coat off!!! Only in Canada. :)

    8. Had to cancel my dinner plans tonight... my friend had to work late, but it's probably just as well. I'm still fighting off this cold and I don't want to pass it on, especially seeing how she has an 11-month-old at home.

    9. I think it's time to resize my engagement ring... it keeps falling off! 

    10. I'm so excited I found a way to access Netflix US... makes the $8/month or whatever even more worth it!

    Lesbian couple from SW Ontario, Canada | Me: 29 + 1 DF: 44 | Together 3.5 yrs, getting married in 2015 | TTC since Jun 2013

    My Dx: PCOS, blocked fallopian tube(s), mild endometriosis & uterine septum (both removed during surgery Oct 11/13)


    Jun 24/13: referral to Fertility Clinic ordered by gyne

    Aug 15/13: initial consult with FS at Victoria Hospital Fertility Clinic, BW & HSG ordered 

    Aug 20/13: HSG shows one tube completely blocked, other tube slow to fill

    Sep 18/13: FU w/FS re: HSG & BW. BW normal, laser laparoscopy & hysteroscopy ordered

    Oct 11/13: Hysteroscopy, laser laparoscopy, & HSG determined I actually have a uterine septum and mild endometriosis, and that my tubes were never blocked! Septum and endo removed with laser during surgery. Post-op in 6 wks.

    Nov 26/13: Post-op - fully healed with no complications; confirmed tubes are clear and septum and endo removed. Referred to Donor Insemination program.

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