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I usually don't post here much because of work, but I just have to let this out today.
I am the mother of three children (11,8 and 11 months) the first two were completely natural births and the last was not ( I held on for 28 hours of active labor and through a series of unfortunate events caved in the 29th hour for an epi) anywho, I don't consider myself "crunchy" I just am who I am and I try to do the best I can for my family which naturally leads us on more of a healthy and homeopathic path.
Which brings me to today. I KNOW the majority of people where I live(NYC) are the exact opposite of me, they believe in sleep training, CIO, FF just because, fast food this and instant that. I NEVER speak about my personal views unless I am asked, and when I am I answer truthfully but tactfully. But there are a few new parents that I know who feel it is there job to bash everything I hold dear, in conversation I have heard things like the LLL are a bunch of crackpots that BF their kids until 6 years old, that it doesnt matter what you eat because nothing passes through BM to baby (and when I countered with well if that was true doc wouldn't care if you were BF'ing when they prescribe medications, I got "well of COURSE medicine passes through but nothing else, and my doctor said so").
Then there is the guy who's wife goes on and on to him about how her social life is gone and how much parenting sucks..and how they tried to sleep train a newborn...a NEWBORN. There are soooo many rude and snarky (but true) things I want to say so bad so I guess I just need encouragement to keep my mouth shut and stay the course I know to be the right one.


  • I hear you.  It's hard for me to keep my mouth shut thus it usually opens and they get to hear my side like it or not.
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  • Sounds like you need a new group of people to hang out with. They seem like a bunch of obnoxious twits and I am going to guess they are judgmental about other things as well. Check out the Holistic Moms Network. They have a Manhattan chapter. You can connect with like-minded moms. I live out on Long Island and there are some people that give me the side eye when I talk about my beliefs, but not many. I don't preach but when things come up naturally in conversation, I don't censor what I say. I don't advertise it, but there are a few people that know I still breastfeed my 20 month old and I don't give a rat's tush what they think because I know it is so healthy for my daughter.

    Hang in there. Trust me, there are other people who think in the same mindset as you. Good luck.

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  • I am on my best behavior today. And I love that link thanks!
  • I hear you. I live in Las Vegas and sometimes I feel very alone in my choices. The other day I was baby wearing at Target and someone said 'well look at that! I've never seen such a contraption. The baby is attached to her!' Sometimes it gets me down, but then I think that maybe I could have a positive influence on others. Also, I found a LLL here and even though the meetings are only once a month, I've met some more like minded moms there which has made me feel a little better. Best wishes! PP I wish we had a chapter here!
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