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Your childhood books

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Sorry I'm posting a lot, but we need something going on around here. Name some of your childhood books. Bonus points for posting a pic!

My sisters and I had these books:
I'm not sure why TB isn't allowing my image, but it's the Rose Petal Place books.

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Re: Your childhood books

  • I love the Rose Petal Books!

    I have several that I remember  - Bug Bunny goes to the dentist, The Giving Tree. My sister bought one of those elementary reading books that had tons of stories, it was a hardcover book and totally looked like a regular school book.

    As I got older I was addicted to the Babysitter's Club Books.

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  • I loved the Babysitter Club!  My mom signed me up for a Babysitter's Club book club, so I got 3 books every month.  I ended up with like 65 books.  

    I also loved the Boxcar Children series.  And when I was really little it was the Pokey Little Puppy, which I made sure to get for the boys.

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  • Ah yes The Babysitter Club books! My sisters had just about every book. However, I was put on the Babysitter's Little Sister books. By the time I was done with those, I ready to move on from the whole series. But I liked the movies they came out with.
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  • My favorite children's book is not well known - Where Will the Animals Stay?.  I still have my copy and it's falling apart.  I've always loved anything with animals :)


    I also loved The Pokey Little Puppy and the Patchwork Blanket.  


    The Snowy Day


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  • Loved the Babysitter's club & sweet valley high. My favorite as a young child was the Monster at the end of this book. My Mom & cousin used to do Grover's voice & act all silly when reading it. I buy it for every kid that is born. Ds loves it too!

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    As a baby/toddler I loved Goodnight Moon, my mom had to read it to me everynight or I wouldn't go to sleep. She kept it and gave it to me at my babyshower, DD loves it too. At my grandmother's house I had the Beatrix Potter books which I loved and my mom also gave me at my babyshower, DD likes them as well.
    As I got older I LOVED Babysitter's Club, especially the mystery series, the Boxcar Children, and the Sideways Stories from Wayside School. I always really liked this series I would get from my mom's church bookstore about this girl named Mandy (I don't know what the series was called I just remember they were called "Mandy and the ...")

    ETA: I tried to add pics but they didn't work.
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  • As a younger kid, I loved the Frog and Toad series.

    As I got older, I loved the Little House on the Prairie books.
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