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@peanutmuse is being induced tonight! UPDATE: 2:36pm EST


Re: @peanutmuse is being induced tonight! UPDATE: 2:36pm EST

  • Good luck, I am so happy that you are finally getting induced! 


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  • So glad you know your body and trusted your instincts! Hope you can get some rest, before it's go time!

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  • Good luck!
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  • So glad they are inducing finally! What I don't get is how the student got it wrong. If they didn't know why not just say someone will double check them? Its so much more upsetting to think you've made progress and find out you haven't than be checked twice. If I can't reach a cervix I'm honest about it.


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  • Sending lots of dilation vibes!!! Good luck @peanutmuse!!

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  • Sending lots of positive thoughts her way!  Good luck!


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  • Sending dilation vibes your way peanutmuse. Good luck. 
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  • Thinking of u @peanutemuse. Go cervix go!
  • Thinking of you @peanutmuse - hope things are still progressing!


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  • Good luck with everything @peanutmuse!!

  • Oh Peanut! I'm so glad they are finally inducing you. I have't been as active on TB and just saw you were in L&D during my early morning feeding. I can't wait for you to finally hold your baby in your arms. Good luck!!!
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  • Just saw the latest update and hoping things move along for you! Wishing every good vibe your way, Peanut! It will all be over soon and your amazing boy will finally be in your arms.
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  • Have I missed an update? Or had peanut still not had her baby?
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  • What's going on ????
  • Hope you are OK @peanutmuse!! I have been thinking of you. I'm so sorry you've had such a rough go. I'm excited for you to finally have your baby peanut!! Continued Ts and Ps your way.
  • @peanutmuse have I missed an update? I hope everything is going smoothly. If you've already had him, I hope you are getting lots of snuggle time in!
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